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Christoph Rauch cr at projektgruppe.org
Sat May 15 19:34:43 CEST 2004

megálló - halta - art station
Képtár - Gallery of the Sekler National Museum
Sepsiszentgyörgy - Sf. Gheorghe, Romania
Currently on show: detour 2003-2004
a project by Attila Menesi (Budapest) and Christoph Rauch (Hamburg)
Traffic in the art world: like all the up-to-date 
global art events, the 'Periferic' biennial of 
the Northromanian metropolis Iasi is linked to 
presentations in other cultural centers, too. 
This time however the ensuing transport of 
international artworks to the capital Bucharest 
is led on a two hours detour over the Carpathian 
Mountains to a small Transsilvanian town - 
Sepsiszentgyörgy. Here the driver takes a break, 
has a gorgeous lunch in pleasant company, and the 
inhabitants get condensed information about the 
international biennialistic art scene.
- documentary: 'detour', VHS, 90 minutes, colour and sound
- report of the driver: 'a detour within the periphery',
   first published in: Journal for Northeast Issues, no.2, 2003
- packing list of the art transport
- web links to the artists of 'Periferic 6'
- info box, containing posters, catalogues, 
binders, video tapes of 'Periferic 6'
detour, 2004 April 24-May 14
Contact: <mailto:office at gallery.educv.ro>office at gallery.educv.ro

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