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Wed Jun 30 17:13:34 CEST 2004

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setting up meetings

RAM-Radioartemobile and Nomads & Residents

A collection and a traveling archive of audio-artworks, a database on the
Internet, and a center for different ways of listening

Proposal open to all artists who work with sound

Radioartemobile (RAM) and Nomads & Residents (N&R) kickoff an audio-artwork

All artists who have worked or are working with sound are invited to send an
artwork on audio CD, DVD, or on a vinyl record. The RAM headquarters in Rome,
via Conte Verde 15, will function as a gathering and a listening point and as
an archive for all materials received. It will be open to public. Artworks 
be gradually posted in the section "database" of the Radio website

RAM is also the first location of a traveling archive initiated by Nomads &
Residents. The second public presentation will be in San Francisco, at 
Exposure, in the spring of 2005.


-    unlimited subject matter;
-    each CD, DVD or vinyl record must contain only one track;
-    time  is unrestricted (except that of the technical features of the 
-    each audio-work must be entered with a written indication of: the name of
the author, a title, duration, and an e-mail contact address;
-    the sender can mention any requirement needed to listen to the audio-work
(type of loudspeakers, stereo system, headphones, etc.). These indications 
be taken into consideration each time RAM would chose the piece for installing
it, within the technical and logistic features available;
-    RAM and N&R cannot assure a complete accessibility for the works that
include a primary visual factor;
-    the sender is responsible for mailing costs of submission;
-    the works will not be returned to the senders.

Radioartemobile and Nomads & Residents will take the best care of the entered
works, but cannot take liability for accidental damage, loss or theft. For 
reason we suggest to send two copies of each material. RAM and N&R will 
all sound works that fit the above mentioned requirements and will present 
to the public.

Lorenzo Benedetti, Riccardo Giagni and Cesare Pietroiusti will listen to all
the entries and will gradually post them in the web-site database. In turn -to
the discretion of the curators- some artworks will be displayed in the RAM
headquarters in Rome with the aim of offering the public also the possibility
to explore different ways of listening to audio-works. The database will
gradually increase the number of contributions and will be presented to the
public at regular appointments. The first public presentation is scheduled for
mid October 2004.

Deadline for first submission is September 1, 2004.
Next appointment: Southern Exposure, San Francisco, spring 2005

Please send the material to:
RAM Radioartemobile
Via Conte Verde 15
00185 Roma - Italy

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