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1) 6th Werkleitz Biennale COMMON PROPERTY (1.-5.09.04)

The 6th Werkleitz Biennale will take place from September 1 to 5, 2004
at the Volkspark in Halle (Saale).

Along with the Werkleitz Gesellschaft itself, the biennial has moved
this year to the City of Halle (Saale), where the international media
arts festival will take place for the sixth time. So it is no longer the
rural region of Tornitz/Werkleitz that will be the venue of the
Werkleitz Biennale, but the no less unique grounds of the 'Volkspark'.
This year, too, numerous artistic contributions will again be presented
in a comprehensive exhibition, in film and video programmes, in
performances, panels, and other live events.
Under the title 'Common Property', the biennial will address the
cultural, social and economic conditions and consequences effected by
the tightening of current ownership structures and property rights. The
team of curators has invited artistic positions that, in view of the
debates on intellectual property, raise pivotal questions concerning the
access and claim to knowledge and information as well as the demand for
common property.

2) Biennale Workshops: Halle School of Common Property (27.-31.08.04)

Within the context of the 6th Werkleitz Biennale's debates on 'Knowledge
as Common Property', the Werkleitz Gesellschaft will organise the 5-day
series of workshops and seminars under the title Halle School of Common
Property from 27th August to 31st August directly preceding the festival.
In a number of workshops international cultural producers and artist
groups working within the frame of informal (that is deliberately
alternative, self-organised, non-institutional) knowledge production
will invite participants to develop new forms of artistic and cultural
production within and outside of academic structures.

The following artists, producers and groups have been invited:
Craig Baldwin (US)
Kobe Matthys (Belgium)
Mute Magazine (International)
Dennis Kaspori (Netherlands)
School of Missing Studies/SMS (International)
Critical Studies (Sweden)

We are also in conversation with:
Université Tangente (France)

The Halle School of Common Property particularly addresses a national
and international audience. Some first results of the workshops will be
presented at the 6th Werkleitz Biennale. In addition, the event is
intended to serve as a "condensation point" for a continuing exchange
between the individual groups and participants.

All workshops will be held in English. We recommend you register early
as the number of participants is restricted ­ the deadline for
registrations is the 15th July 2004.

For registration and more detailed information about individual
workshops contact Christian Schult (0345-682460, project at werkleitz.de)
at the Werkleitz Gesellschaft or visit our website at

3) The 6th Werkleitz Biennale online

Our website is now online at


with more detailed information about the programme of the 6th Werkleitz
Biennale COMMON PROPERTY and the Halle School of Common Property.

Here you can also read up on the background of this year's 6th Werkleitz
Biennale and find some useful information about contact persons, travel
and accommodation, as well as accreditation and registration forms for
the Halle School of Common Property.

A list of artists participating at the 6th Werkleitz Biennale and a more
detailed festival programme will be available shortly.


Public Relations: Luc-Carolin Ziemann
Tel.: +49.(0)341- 46 26 29 17
Mobile:+49.(0)173- 39 25 231
biennale04 at werkleitz.de

6th Werkleitz Biennale Common Property
1st ­ 5th September 2004
Halle School of Common Property
27th ­ 31st August 2004

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