[artinfo] The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is looking for a new Director

geert geert at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 12 02:58:45 CEST 2004

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is looking for a new Director

To aid in our search, we would appreciate if you could inform us of
individuals who you believe are strong candidates for this position,
based on the requirements below. The candidate may be contacted by the
Selection Committee.

1. Position of the Museum

In 2003, the "Committee Future Stedelijk Museum" (which was invited to
present its vision for the Stedelijk Museum by the municipal authorities
of the City of Amsterdam) wrote, "The collection of the Stedelijk Museum
is generally considered to be a top collection with an international
reputation". The Stedelijk collection consists of important works of
modern art and design. The artistic staff has the ambition to achieve a
more prominent position for the museum locally, nationally and
internationally through the development of a challenging and exciting
exhibition programme, the production of high-quality publications and
the establishment of an active outreach toward the viewing public.

2. The current state of affairs

A number of important steps have been taken in order to better prepare
the Stedelijk for the future. These include: establishing a temporary
exhibition space, Stedelijk Museum CS (SMCS), installing a Supervisory
Board for the museum, raising the necessary funds for the renovation and
expansion of the museum, privatisation of the museum on 1 January 2005,
improvement of the registration and maintenance procedures of the

The new director will be responsible for leading these transitional

3. Profile of Candidate

-He/she has the ability to manage the museum in a complicated
transitional phase, and is able to not only ensure the museum's
organisational and financial solvency, but mainly to re-infuse artistic
vitality and relevance into the institution,

-Combines artistic inspiration, knowledge and authority with proven
leadership skills, based on engagement with art, artists and museum

-His/her enthusiasm is contagious,

-Shows initiative and has the analytical power and social intelligence
to function effectively and comfortably in a complex professional

-Has an international reputation and an international network of

-Is a strong communicator and has a natural tendency towards cooperation
and collaboration,

-Deals easily and naturally with the political, cultural, economic and
public relations of the museum and has concrete strategies for
successfully seeking fundraising and sponsoring partnerships, based on
practical experience,

-Is a persistent, persuasive and effective negotiator.


-He/she has knowledge of the history of modern and contemporary art on
an academic level and is well acquainted with the most recent

-Knows how to translate this knowledge into a vision for the museum
covering diverse aspects of the institution, including exhibition
programming, acquisitions policies, collection management, educational
activities, the development of the museum as a 'knowledge centre' and
the international position of the Stedelijk Museum.

-He/she is an experienced manager with experience in an organisation
similar to the Stedelijk Museum,

-Is acquainted with museum practices, which include managing a sizeable

-Has been - directly or indirectly - responsible for a number of
significant exhibitions,

-Is able to relate his/her interest in contemporary art and artists both
to the historical trajectory of the existing collection and to future
developments in visual art.

4. Procedure
The selection committee consists of three members of the Supervisory
Board and three members of the museum staff. This committee is supported
by three internationally acclaimed external advisors from the field of
visual arts. The director ad interim is a non voting member at the
meetings of the selection committee and is responsible for maintaining
strict confidentiality. Suggestions for candidates can be sent to
Maitland Search and Advice Agency: attn. Mrs. P. Maitland

e-mail: info at maitland.be
or :  Malakkastraat 127
2585 SL The Hague
The Netherlands

These suggestions will be forwarded to the selection committee. The
committee will make an initial selection of qualified candidates and
begin the interview process as soon as possible.

5. Appointment
Until the privatisation the new director will be employed by the City of
Amsterdam on a temporary basis. After that, he or she will be employed
by the new Stedelijk Museum Foundation. The director will be appointed
for a five year term, which can be extended.  The museum offers an
adequate salary, related to the responsibilities of the position.

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