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Dear colleagues and friends,
I would appreciate very much if you could spread this information to
all interested people you know.
Thank you a lot!
All the best,
Lilia Dragneva

C A R B O N A R T 2 0 0 4
Memory lane

On the period of 04-10 August 2004, Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau 
is planning to organize the 9-th edition of the International Camp of 
Creation and Exhibition CarbonArt'2004.

Location: College of Plastic Arts “Al. Plamadeala”
Project curator - Lilia Dragneva
Project organizer - Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau [ksa:k], Rep. of 
Financed by: Soros Foundation Moldova
Informational support: DNT Association
German Embassy in Moldova
ifa Institut fur Auslandsbeziehunden
College of Plastic Arts “Al. Plamadeala”

Project theme:
Artificial creator in possible reality. Innovation as an alternative to 
traditionalism. Remembering,
mental action, linked to search, to restoring and recalling needed 
information from permanent memory.
The memory lane. Remembering the present. The memory of walls. Simulating 
reality. Random access memory.
Human memory and its textual, mechanical, electronic, or virtual analogies.

Project concept:
To create for artists an environment where an exchange between individual 
recall, historic (artistic)
recall of the past and permanent memory will take place, all of these being 
under the influence of
external factors—place/building. The artistic materialization of memory 
through textual, manual, mechanic,
electronic or virtual means.

* memory lane - an imaginary path through the nostalgically remembered 
past. Used in such phrases as a
walk down memory lane. (BRITANICA)

For more detailed info about CarbonArt'2004 project, please, take a look at:

We would be glad to receive names, brief artistic biography of the artists 
who want to participate
in the project, as well a brief idea/project concerning the work, which is 
going to be done here.
The Center is going to provide the participants with accommodations, meal 
and materials
(except traveling expenses).
All information should be sent by e-mail or fax to the Center for 
Contemporary Art, Chisinau,
as soon as possible, but not later than by June 25, 2004.

For additional information, please, don't hesitate to contact us:
Centrul pentru Arta Contemporana, Chisinau, [ksa:k]
Str. Independentei 1 , Chisinau 2043 Moldova
Phone/fax: + 373 22 573395, + 373 22 772507
E-mail: ksak at moldova.md 

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