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From: Jill Scott <jscott at smile.ch>
Subject: New Phd Program
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 13:28:34 +0200

Recruitment of PHD Researchers Z-Node of the Planetary Collegiums by
Prof. Dr. Jill Scott in Switzerland.

Publication of Search 2004 /Announcement:

Hochschule für Gestaltung Zürich
University of Applied Sciences and Art
School of Art and Design
Institute Cultural Studies in Art, Media and Design

A: FIVE RESEARCH POSITIONS in a PhD-Program starting in October 2004
(Deadline for applications at the end of this document)
(Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium)

1. The Institute Cultural Studies in Art, Media and Design at the HGKZ
School of Art and Design, Zurich) is pleased to announce the start of a
PhD-Course in October 2004. This course will be organised in
co-operation with the international trans-disciplinary research group
called the Planetary Collegium, based in the University of Plymouth in
the UK, whose Director Prof. Roy Ascott supervises another 17
researchers. The Research Group in Zurich (Z_Node) is part of the
Planetary Collegium of the University of Plymouth.

See http://www.planetary-collegium.net/about/

2. The Z_Node will be initially comprised of FIVE PhD-level researchers
based in Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jill Scott and
supervisors (including Prof. Roy Ascott and others) each whose work
could lead to the award of a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University
of Plymouth.

3. We are encouraging applicants from all fields of creative practice,
including artists, programmers, curators, dancers, musicians, writers,
designers and scientists to apply for selection. The final thesis can be
a combination of theory and practice and the theoretical component must
be presented in English.

The Z-Node of the Planetary Collegium differs from many other PhD
programs on two basic levels: Content and Expertise.

4. CONTENT: Our focus is on the potential of trans-disciplinary and
trans-cultural theory and practice in related areas of art, technology
and natural science. This includes critical discourses such as: identity
and agency, simulation, space and time, technological impact and
embodiment, ethical metaphors and interactive learning. It also includes
the explorations of the relationships between innovation, interface,
immersion and cognition. A special focus of the Z-Node will include the
search for an interface between art and natural science, including the
sharing of primary creative forces, comparisons of processes and
methodologies and the quest for interpretations of nature, matter and
human desire as well as the interest to comprehend, explore, reveal,
sustain, create and build.

5. EXPERTISE:  The quality of this program is very high as many of
researchers in the Planetary Collegium program are already practicing or
established creators and curators in their careers and in their
particular fields of practice and theory. (I.e. all the researchers
currently in the program are professors or lecturers in Universities or
Art Schools). The program foresees that candidates will pass a Master's
degree in Philosophy after one year as a transfer paper to continue
research leading to the PhD degree). Therefore, after only one year of
study a transfer paper from M.Phil to PHD is awarded and the program
takes another 2-3 years to complete.

Other aspects of importance:

1.  Location: The location of the Z-node is in Zurich and includes a
small research Space in the Institute Cultural Studies in Art, Media and
Design. However, researchers may apply to be either on-line (i.e.
candidates from overseas) or on-site (i.e. they may live in Zurich)

2. Time Frame: The researchers are expected to complete their PHD within
the time frame of 3 years. During this time they must attend at least
nine intensive seminars, each of 10 days duration (these will be held in
Zurich but they may also be integrated into other International
festivals.) Once a year all the researchers from the Planetary Collegium
will attend Consciousness Re-framed, the International Planetary
Collegiums Conference.

3. Fees: The HGK Zürich will collect all the international fees for the
Z_ Node Researchers. In many current cases the researchers have been
able to convince their employees (i.e. the Universities where they are
working) to help them pay the fees as part of their further education
plans. Fees also vary depending if you are an EU or Non-EU resident.

EU 1-including Switzerland

10.500 Swiss Francs


15.500 Swiss Francs

For further Information please contact -

Prof. Dr. Jill Scott
Vice Director: Z_Node-The Planetary Collegium
Institute Cultural Studies in Art, Media and Design
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich
School of Art and Design Zurich
Hafnerstrasse 31 Postfach
CH-8031 Zürich
Tel. 0041 043 446 6110 ??This may change
Fax 0041 (0) 1 446 26 53
jill.scott at hgkz.ch


1.Publication of Search, Announcement: May 20th 2004

2. Applications with Abstracts
Description of Research proposal-1, 000 words Max
List of References  (10)
Deadline for applications
June 30th

3. Review of Abstracts and Interviews
by Prof Dr Jill Scott, Prof Dr. Sigrid Schade
Forwarding at least seven applications to
June 30th-July 15 th

4. Review of the forwarded applications                          July
20th-August 31
by Roy Ascott (However formal registration forms must
accompany these applications to

5. Announcement of Acceptance by
Plymouth                                       August 31

6. First Z-Node meeting in Zurich including
Visit of the Planetary Collegiums Director (Roy Ascott)
September 26th-Oct 6th

7. Researchers Official Commencement
date                                         October 1

8. First 10-day session Beijing. China, Consciousness Re-framed.
November 17-Nov 27th 04

Prof. Dr. Jill Scott
Media Artist
OUT NOW: Coded Characters:A book about the media artwork of Jill Scott:
order through the Publisher: www.hatjecantz.de

Prof.Dr Jill Scott
Institute Cultural Studies in Art , Media and Design
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich
School of Art and Design Zurich
Hafnerstrasse 31
CH-8031 Zürich
Tel. 0041 043 446 6420
Fax 0041 (0) 1 446 26

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