[artinfo] Fwd: ääniradio seeking open radio content

Carol Hobson chobson at ucsd.edu
Fri Jul 30 01:02:53 CEST 2004

>ÄÄNIRADIO is ad hoc broadcast experiment taking place in Helsinki over the 
>next three weeks. Having been very fortunate in getting an FM license and 
>a good transmission site, we have decided to also use this opportunity to 
>explore the possibilities of open content broadcasting. As part of our 
>production process we are beginning to assemble a list of free music and 
>audio resources. We are particularly interested in experimental music and 
>audio art materials for the broadcast we are preparing to start in the 
>coming days. But we also hope that this resource will have a relevance 
>beyond this broadcast and be useful to a wider community of not-for-profit 
>broadcasters interested in supporting open content. If you know of 
>interesting open content resources that could be used during our 
>broadcast, please let us know! Please feel free to forward this email.
>please email James at:
>  openaudio at phonebox.org
>please provide as much of the following info as you are able:
>name of resource
>contact name/email
>type: web archive, netlabel, artist/group, etc
>license: creative commons, copyleft, public domain, permission 
>specifically for ÄÄNIRADIO 2004 broadcast, permission for ääniradio in 
>general etc
>keywords: genres, themes, etc
>We are particularly keen to document long term ongoing open content 
>resources that will be useful beyond this broadcast and will make the 
>results available from the ääniradio site as soon as we can.
>General inquiries about ääniradio should go to aaniradio at siba.fi (if you 
>are interested in helping produce programmes with open audio materials 
>we'd also like to hear from you)
>Thanks in advance, on behalf of the ääniradio team.
>- sophea lerner
>August 13-22, Helsinki
>Sibelius Academy, Centre for Music & Technology is teaming up with
>Radioqualia to bring you ÄÄNIRADIO  an educational special event radio project
>that will host local FM broadcasts of 'Radio Astronomy', 'Where Are We 
>Eating?: Grilli Radio
>& Radio Feast' plus other audible intrigues from radiomakers around the 
>Bring your portable FM recievers to ISEA to join the broadcasts live in 
>Check http://aura.siba.fi/aaniradio for latest info and schedules.
>aaniradio at siba.fi

Carol J. Hobson
New Media Arts Manager
chobson at ucsd.edu
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