[artinfo] call for donations for media library, Chiang Mai, Thailand

geert geert at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 22 10:10:29 CEST 2004

Call for Donations for media library

switch media chiang mai, Thailand, announces the opening of a media
library  in co-operation with the Media Art & Design Center (MADC), at
Chiang Mai University (http://www.mediaartdesign.org/) as part of our
ongoing activities to develop awareness for the impact of digital media
on contemporary asian society and its critical, artistic evaluation.

The library opened in June 2004 -- in conjunction with the start of a
2years MA-program at MADC. It shall serve the collection of media art
works (especially from the region) and as a knowledge base for critical
research into media art, media art theory, media ethnography and
contemporary critical discourse. Furthermore it shall serve to develop
exchange programs with similar educational entities in Thailand, the
Greater Mekong Subregion and overall Southeast Asia.

We hereby ask the international community for donations for the library.
Donations might range from festival compilations and catalogues; to
individual works of video, audio, cdcoms and dvds, animation, computer
graphics, games, etc; to theoretical books on related topics.

We're happy to announce Michel Bauwens as manager of the library. Learn
more about him and his "draft integral bibliography" at


As it is a fact that many Thai people do not use email the way western
people are accustomed to, please, keep all inquiries re the library to:

Michel Bauwens, michel at noosphere.cc
Rudolf Stoert, switch media, r_stoert at gmx.net

It is nonetheless mandatory to include a cc to:
Prof. Uthit Atimana, Director MADC, uthit at chiangmai.ac.th

All donations should be marked "no commercial value". For larger
donations, pls contact us to get a clearance letter for Thai customs.
All donations should be send to:

switch media chiang mai
c/o Chiang Mai University Art Museum
239 Nimanhemin Road
Chiang Mai 50200


Read below for some informations about switch media chiang mai. For
further information please send email to switchmedia at dangermuseum.com
[thanks to tsunamii.net].

switch media chiang mai, Thailand, an independent, non-profit
organization, founded in october 2003 with the objectives: To introduce
and educate and train interested parties with new media art under
experimental conditions. To produce, collect and exhibit new media art
from and for the region. To intervene in the overall development of new
media with an artistic approach. To share and exchange knowledge and
network with the international new  media art community. To evaluate the
use of new media (art) in contemporary society.

Since founding we cooperated with Chiang Mai local partners (Chiang Mai
Artists in Residency Program/CARP, CMU Art Museum) in working with media
and other artists from Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, UK. We
facilitated lectures and presentations with these artists
atuniversities, museums and other cultural institutions in Chiang Mai,
Bangkok and Singapore. Members of switch media gave lectures on media
art at universities and other art institutions in Chiang Mai, Bangkok
and Hangzhou, China. Together with project 304 and CMU Art Museum we
co-hosted the Mekong Collaboration Brainstorming session in December
2003 with participants from Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, China,
Singapore, Thailand (and guests from USA, UK, Australia, Germany).
Finally we organized a media art festival, pathiharn electron
[supernatural], 6th-30th April 2004 which showed more than 150 works by
international artists as part of a main exhibition but also as special
events in public space --ranging from temples to department stores and
music clubs. The festival was closed by an international conference on
the "Impact of digital media in Southeast Asia"  with participants from
Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Sweden, UK.

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