[artinfo] Upcoming art competition info

SlowArt at aol.com SlowArt at aol.com
Thu Jul 15 20:57:31 CEST 2004

Dear Friends-

Following is an ad/listing info for our upcoming competition that is now open 
for entry through October 30. 

Fourth Biannual Competition for publication in Volume 11 of Direct Art 
Magazine, Spring/Summer 2005 issue. Twenty six awards over $22,000.00 in value 
including covers of magazine and feature articles. Postmarked deadline October 30, 
2004. For prospectus e-mail Direct Art at DirectArtMag at aol.com, or print from 
Internet at http://www.slowart.com/prospectus 

Please list on your site if  you feel it is appropriate. 

Thanks - 

Tim Slowinski
SlowArt Productions

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