[artinfo] Art-Oriented Programming, Paris, March 2004

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Sun Jan 25 06:03:05 CET 2004

Art-Oriented Programming

Does the programmer interpret the work according 
to the artist wish ? Does he partly create it ? 
What kind of artworks are produced through the 
process of coding? Is the computer program to be 
part of the aesthetics criteria when considering 
a computer-generated work ?

The essential part that programming plays in 
creating a computer work calls for questioning 
the aesthetic issues at stake. The critical 
approach that this symposium aims to develop will 
come back to some fundamental notions about art 
and programming as it will explore new 

Artists and teams of artists will introduce their 
works in which programming is a specific research 
and creation. Speakers (theoreticians, artists, 
programmers, art critics ...) will present their 
personal approach of this topic. Each 
presentation will be followed by a discussion 
with the audience.

Two Panels devoted to "hacktivism" and to "the 
aesthetic of programming" will complete these 

Symposium organised by Centre de Recherches 
d’Esthétique du Cinéma & des Arts Audiovisuels 
(CRECA) - École doctorale Arts Plastiques, 
Esthétique & Sciences de l’Art.

University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Amphitéâtre Richelieu, 1, rue de la sorbonne, 75005 Paris

March 19 2004: 2 pm -10 pm
March 20 2004: 9:30 am - 10 pm

Press contact : Creca.presse at voila.fr
Informations : creca.poa.inf at voila.fr
In charge of the symposium : david-olivier.lartigaud at univ-paris1.fr

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