[artinfo] Mercer Union: Ben Woodeson, Levin Haegele, Myfanwy Ashmore. Opening: Thursday, February 26th, 8PM

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Thu Feb 19 07:23:18 CET 2004

Mercer Union Presents

>26.February - 03.April 2004
OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, February 26th, 8pm


Front Gallery
>Ben Woodeson, "Point Blank"

Back Gallery
>Levin Haegele, "Glow Space"

>Myfanwy Ashmore, "enarmoured euphorbia"

"Installations should empty rooms, not fill them" - Robert Smithson

With 0.001 PERCENT VOLUME Dave Dyment brings together three solo
exhibitions: Ben Woodeson's "Point Blank", Levin Haegele's, "Glow Space"
and Myfanwy Ashmore's "enarmoured euphorbia".  In a discussion that
looks at critical art practices from the late sixties and early seventies,
Dyment situates the work of Woodeson, Haegele and Ashmore as a
contemporary re-examination of issues and the aesthetic of early minimal
and conceptual art practices, but one that is, instead, less
confrontational and is imbued with a welcoming invitation and sense
of play.

"There is a warmth, domesticity and naiveté at play in 0.001 PERCENT
VOLUME that is absent in many of the boundary breaking "nothing works"
of the sixties. A simple seamstress' pin, a child's voice, debris on
one's boots - these couldn't be more different from the grandiloquence
of minimalism  or the chilly detachment of conceptualism.
These restrained and understated gestures have the ability to open up
a striking set of possibilities with the utmost economy of means."

<<excerpt from brochure essay by Dave Dyment>>

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