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Date: Friday, February 06, 2004 at 02:10:42 AM
From: OWH TV Studio <owh_tvstudio at yahoo.com>
Subject: Cronograf Film Festival
IIIrd edition, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
April 27 – May 1, 2004
Deadline for submitting Entry Forms: February 20, 2004

The International festival of Documentary Film "CRONOGRAF" is the only international film festival in the Republic of Moldova. 
The main purpose of "CRONOGRAF" Festival is to promote the art of cinematography along with the values of documentary discourse, by presenting the most significant documentary films of the moment. This festival is meant to host the films that mirror originality and freedom of expression, as well as the non-traditional forms of cinema language or new aesthetics of world cultures. 
Wishing to join the agenda of East-European events of this kind, the third edition of "CRONOGRAF" Festival will be held in spring of year 2004, April 27-May 1, when other film festivals are just being announced, or are beginning only to "enroll" their future participants. 
The edition of year 2004 has been conceived not only for the documentary filmmakers. The organizing team is aware of the necessity to offer new launching ground also to other video productions. Directly or indirectly, the television, the advertising and business market, they all generate the same cinema language, exploited by the documentary film. Documentary related genres as a cognitive expression of the picture, TV productions, commercials or music videos, they all wear the same clothes of time's "chronicles". 
In this context we would like to remark that apart from the main section "Documentary Film", the next edition of the festival will launch three new sections: "Music Video", "Video Spot" and "Local TV Production". 
It should be taken into consideration that the sections "Music Video", "Video Spot" and "Local TV Production" are conceived only for the directors from the Republic of Moldova. These new sections are integral part of "CRONOGRAF" Festival and have a competitive structure. 
"CRONOGRAF" Film Festival will also host 17 one-minute-films, "TheOneJr.Minute", made by 17 young people from the Republic of Moldova. These films have been produced during the "Video Laboratory for Youth", a project implemented by OWH TV Studio in July-August 2003. 
The International Festival of Documentary Film "CRONOGRAF" will have the following sections: 
·	DOCUMENTARY FILM Competitive section devoted to international participation 
·	MUSIC VIDEO Competitive section devoted to autochthonous filmmakers 
·	VIDEO SPOT Competitive section devoted to autochthonous filmmakers 
·	LOCAL TV PRODUCTION Competitive section devoted to autochthonous filmmakers 
·	THEONEJR.MINUTE Non-competitive section, devoted to screening 17 one-minute-films produced by 17 teenagers from Moldova.
Production companies, filmmakers or filmmaker teams wishing to submit their productions to the first four sections ("Documentary Film", "Music Video", "Video Spot" and "Local TV Production") must comply with the following conditions: 
·	To submit to the competition video productions completed after year 2001; 
·	The productions will be submitted to the pre-selection on VHS (PAL) support; 
·	One filmmaker or one team of filmmakers is allowed to submit their works to each of the four competitive sections (excepting the filmmakers from abroad). 
·	The entry form, a photo of the filmmaker/author of the work(s) submitted to the competition and a production still from each film submitted, along with a cassette of the film will be mailed to OWH TV Studio by February 20, 2004; 
·	Production companies and filmmakers who submitted their films give OWH TV Studio the right to broadcast, with the view to mediate the festival, a few fragments of the films; 
·	The organizing team reserves the right on deciding on the film screenings' schedule; 
·	In order to optimize the picture within official screenings, the filmmakers can submit the films on BETACAM SP, S-VHS support or on other video standards; 
·	The VHS cassettes will remain in the festival's archives; 
·	The cassettes will be returned only if the filmmaker covers in advance postal fees; 
·	The participants will cover all the costs related to mailing services, courier services, fee for shipping the cassettes and mailing fee for receiving them back; 
·	The festival's organizing team will inform all the filmmakers about the results of the preselection by March 1, 2004; 
·	The filmmakers whose works will be selected for the Competition are invited to take part in the festival; the organizing team will cover all costs related to accommodation and meals. The participants will have to cover transportation costs. 
·	An international Jury comprised of seven members, veteran documentary makers, critics in the arts and representatives of mass media community will analyze the video productions submitted to all four sections of the festival: "Documentary Film", "Music Video", " Video Spot" and "Local TV Production". 
OWH TV Studio, 10 Veronica Micle St., Chisinau-2012, 
Republic of Moldova 
Contact person: Viorel Margineanu
Tel: 373 22 22 54 09; 373 22 23 27 71. Fax: 373 22 22 54 09.
E-mail: owh at mail.md, owh_tvstudio at yahoo.com 
Web: www.owh.md; www.cronograf.owh.md 

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