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david silver dsilver at u.washington.edu
Fri Dec 31 18:29:35 CET 2004

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

The Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies invites all thinkers and 
doers to review a new batch of recently received books.  Reviews may 
be written in any language you desire.  Reviewers are sought for the 
following titles (organized  under 3 categories):


11M: Redes Para Ganar Una Guerra (March 11: Networks to Win a War)
David de Ugarte
Barcelona: Icaria, 2004
(*Preference given to reviewer who can write review in Spanish and English)

Cyberactivism: Online Activism in Theory and Practice
Edited by Martha McCaughey and Michael D. Ayers
Routledge, 2003

Cyberprotest: New Media, Citizens and Social Movements
Edited by Wim Van De Donk, Brian D. Loader, Paul G. Nixon, and Dieter Rucht
Routledge, 2004

Democracy and New Media
Edited by Henry Jenkins and David Thorburn
MIT Press, 2003

>From 9/11 to Terror War: The Dangers of the Bush Legacy
Douglas Kellner
Rowman & Littlefield, 2003

Future Active: Media Activism and the Internet
Graham Meikle
Routledge, 2002


Communication Researchers and Policy-Making
Edited by Sandra Braman
MIT Press, 2003

Connected for Development: Information Kiosks and Sustainability
Edited by Akhtar Badshah, Sarbuland Khan, and Maria Garrido
Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2003

Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society
Anthony G. Wilhelm
MIT Press, 2004

 From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure: Access to 
Information in the Networked World
Christine L. Borgman
MIT Press, 2003

Shaping the Network Society: The New Role of Civil Society in Cyberspace
Edited by Douglas Schuler and Peter Day
MIT Press, 2004

Virtual Inequality: Beyond the Digital Divide
Edited by Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert, and Mary Stansbury
Georgetown University Press, 2003

Virtual Publics: Policy and Community in an Electronic Age
Edited by Beth E. Kolko
Columbia University Press, 2003


Asia.com: Asia Encounters the Internet
Edited by K. C. Ho, Randy Kluver, and C.C. Yang
RoutledgeCurzon, 2003

Building Diaspora: Filipino Cultural Community Formation On The Internet
Emily Noelle Ignacio
Rutgers University Press, 2005

E-Democracy in East Asia? How the Internet Affects Politics and Civil Society
in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan
Edited by Isa Ducke
Berlin: Deutsches Institut fur Japanstudien, 2004

Getting It On Online: Cyberspace, Gay Male Sexuality, and Embodied Identity
John Edward Campbell
Harrington Park Press, 2004

Granny @ Work: Aging and New Technology on the Job in America
Karen E. Riggs
Routledge, 2003

Islam In The Digital Age: E-Jihad, Online Fatwas and Cyber Islamic Environments
Gary R. Bunt
London: Pluto Press, 2003

Technicolor: Race, Technology, and Everyday Life
Edited by Alondra Nelson and Thuy Linh N. Tu, with Alicia Headlam Hines
New York University Press, 2001

Women & Everyday Uses of the Internet: Agency & Identity
Edited by Mia Consalvo and Susanna Paasonen
Peter Lang Publishing, 2002

Women, Art, and Technology
Edited by Judy Malloy
MIT Press, 2003

In general, RCCS book reviews run about 1500-2000 words. They are 
offered to the widest possible intellectual community, including 
academic scholars from across the disciplines, community activists, 
digital artists, teachers, students, explorers, and builders of 
digital culture.

If interested in reviewing one (please select only one) of these 
titles,email David Silver <dsilver at u.washington.edu> with the 
following information:

* your name and affiliation;
* the book you wish to review;
* 2-3 sentences describing your qualifications and/or reasons for 
wanting to  review the selected title.

DEADLINE for expressing interest in reviewing a book: January 9, 2005.

Thank you for your time,

david silver

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