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A New Media Residency 
Hi Mom! wants YOU! (to enter the fest.)
We're pleased to announce our 8th annual fun filled film fest is a go for May,
2005, and our CALL FOR ENTRIES is out on the street as we speak. Find it at
Call for online projects:
Project Mosaica, a new website devoted to contemporary Jewish culture online, is seeking projects from individuals and groups on the theme of Jews and Diaspora: Jewish Culture, Web Culture, New Culture. Two $1,000 (CND) production honoraria will be awarded to the successful candidates whose web projects address the possibilities of the virtual diaspora with this theme.

Projects should be innovative and address the visual possibilities of the web as well as contribute to an understanding of the multi-valent nature, complexities, significance and changes in meaning of diaspora. This call is intended to be as inclusive as possible: projects enlisting any and all artistic disciplines are welcome.

Provide a project description in 500 words including the following: a statement about the projecté─˘s relationship to Jews and diaspora; why the web is a viable medium for the project; and an explanation of how the project will be sustainable beyond implementation.

Include a web-ready presentation.

Include a CV.

Include a selected portfolio of previous work in CD-R, DV-R or video-DVD (region-one compatible) as appropriate, featuring no more than three images or five minutes of video.

Proposals to be submitted in English or French; however, we recognize that other languages may play a role in the final project.

Innovative content and its adaptation to web aesthetics will be the primary consideration in the selection process. Artists will maintain copyright of their productions, which will be disseminated by Mosaica on the site http://www.mosaica.ca and may be presented at public talks and screenings. Submission material will not be returned.

Applications must be submitted by January 1, 2005.
Online applications are to be submitted to mosaica at yorku.ca
Decision date: Candidates will be notified by March 1, 2005.
A condition of the honorarium is completion of the project by September 1, 2005. 
Call for proposals: deadline 15 February 2005
"Don't start from the good old things but the bad new ones." *
The KIOSK Group invites proposals of up to 500 words for new critical writing.
Trampoline is a platform event for new media artwork, currently 
being guest curated by the Nottingham based art collective Reactor.
info at trampoline.org.uk
Deadline for submissions: Friday 7 January 2005 
Annual International Summit on Creativity in Multimedia & Communication
Bangkok 25-28 February, 2005
deadline 5th Jan 2005 [extended]
http://thailand.culturebase.org/MAF05   sign_up
Submission Deadline: Jan 19, 2005
Kamiyama Artist-in Residence (KAIR)
Deadline for KAIR 2005: 28 February 2005
sptv.org :
We are seeking works for our 2004-2005 programming year.
Please contact us at sptv at sptv.org
ftp://sptv.org  with username: sptv and password: sptv  ( we would encourage ftp submission)
Call for participation: Compact-Impact Night vol. 4 - GAMES
Submission deadline: February 17, 2005
Exhibition dates: April 1-3, 2005
Location: Compact-Impact, located at 21 Avenue B (between 2nd and 3rd st.), New York, NY 10009
Association for Asian Performance seeks submissions, deadline Feb. 1, 2005
Call for Exhibition Proposals
Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA, invites curators to submit exhibition
proposals for the 2005-06 season. 
V-day is coming up - and the DOLL ARMY with be giving support to the
Vagina Warriors:

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