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The new issue of the multilingual *republicart Web-Journal *is now online:

	*artists as producers*

Based upon Walter Benjamin's seminal essay "The Author as Producer", 
a whole range of theorists have developed approaches towards an 
aesthetics of production. The texts of this issue investigate how 
Benjamin's arguments may serve as a ground for reflecting and 
theorizing current art practices.

What about political art's function of "supplying the capitalist 
production apparatus, not changing it"? What about artistic methods 
of subverting cooptation after Brecht and Tretjakov? What about new 
models of artists/intellectuals as producers and "specialists" rather 
than experts for the universal?



- Boris Buden: Re-Reading Benjamin's "Author as Producer" in the 
Post-Communist East
- Christian Kravagna: Working on the Community. Models of 
Participatory Practice
- LIGNA: Constellation - Dispersal - Association. Historical 
background information on gestural radio listening
- Maria Lind: Actualisation of Space: The Case of Oda Projesi
- Gerald Raunig: The Author as Traitor
- Simon Sheikh: Representation, Contestation and Power: The Artist as 
Public Intellectual
- Friedrich Tietjen: No Excuses! On the relation of aesthetic techniques

and their political effects in Walter Benjamin's Author as a Producer
- Ulf Wuggenig: Burying the Death of the Author

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