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Tue Dec 14 21:16:33 CET 2004

Hello folks, I wanted to let you know about the protest coming up this
Saturday outside the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. Below is an email from
a friend who is involved with the folks putting this event together ­ they
are ³Audiences in Action.² Please spread the word and if you are in the Bay
Area come and show your support for Anita Monga who was ³let go² from the
Castro after 16 years of programming. You can also go to
http://www.duboce.net/castro or email rehireanita at yahoo.com for more info.
Thanks for your time.
Be well,
Ariella Ben-Dov
Curator, MadCat Women¹s International Film Festival
> For the past 28 years, we have taken the Castro Theatre for granted. We always
> assumed it would remain a unique combination of beautiful movie palace and
> intelligent, innovative programming.  But now this cultural  treasure is in
> jeopardy.  The owners' recent decision to dismiss Anita Monga, one of the top
> programmers in the country, has had repercussions that are only beginning to
> be felt.  Filmmakers and distributors have pulled their films from the
> Castro's upcoming schedule.  Because of Monga's abrupt departure, the Castro¹s
> ability to present rare archival prints, re-released classics, and
> cutting-edge documentaries is imperiled.
> The Castro owners reportedly want to do more ³family friendly² programming,
> and Ted Nasser, who¹s currently running the theatre, has apparently been
> concerned with the gay content of some of the films Monga chose.  In many ways
> this decision to cut off our access to films that encourage debate and
> question is a very local reflection of the national  conservative agenda.
> This concern over gay content, from a theatre in the very heart of a
> neighborhood that symbolizes gay pride for the whole country, is particularly
> alarming. 
> JOIN US on December 18th from 3­5pm in front of the Castro Theatre (429 Castro
> Street, between 17th & 18th) to protest Monga's firing and demand that the
> theatre owners bring her back and make it possible for her to continue her
> work.  Their misguided decision has a negative impact not only on their
> business, but also on San Francisco's reputation as a city that fosters
> cultural  excellence.  Without a programmer of Monga's caliber and influence,
> the newly renovated Castro is just a beautiful shell.
> EMAIL rehireanita at yahoo.com to get involved and get updates.  Also check out
> http://www.duboce.net/castro for background and links to press coverage.
> Organized by Audiences in Action, a group of film lovers committed to saving
> the Castro.   
> A Cultural Treasure Belongs To Everyone.
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