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Wed Dec 8 15:00:22 CET 2004

Call for Exhibition Proposals

Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA, invites curators to submit exhibition
proposals for the 2005-06 season. Art Interactive's mission is to
provide a public forum that fosters self-expression and human
interaction through the development and exhibition of art that is
contemporary, experimental, and participatory.  Previous exhibitions
have included Engaging Characters (Kathy Brew, Curator), Do-It-Yourself
Fluxus (Midori Yoshimoto, Curator), and eVolution (Christiane Paul,
Curator). To review these and other Art Interactive exhibitions, please
visit: http://www.artinteractive.org/show_previous.php.

Art Interactive encourages proposals that presents works in any media,
but each proposal must address the goals described in the curatorial
mission statement.  Please note that Art Interactive discourages artists
who are acting as curators from submitting proposals that include their
own work.  To read the curatorial mission statement, please visit:

Proposals will be reviewed by Art Interactive's Curatorial Committee,
comprised of Rachael Arauz, Independent Curator, Sharon Matt Atkins,
Assistant Curator, Currier Museum of Art, George Fifield, Director,
Boston CyberArts Festival and Adjunct Curator of Media Arts, DeCordova
Museum, Joseph Ketner, Director, Rose Art Museum, Jeff Talman, Artist,
Emanuel Lewin, Director, Art Interactive, Catherine D'Ignazio, Associate
Director, Art Interactive, Winnie Wong, Director of Curatorial Planning,
Art Interactive.

Gallery Space
Art Interactive is located in the Central Square neighborhood of
Cambridge, MA.   The exhibition space is approximately 2,000 square feet
with 16-foot ceilings. Two glass walls provide extensive natural light,
and the space can be partitioned by four movable modular wall panels.
Visits to the space during gallery hours are encouraged, and a floor
plan is available upon request.

If accepted, Art Interactive provides the following resources to assist
the Curator:
1) Exhibition Coordinator, Exhibition Designer and Graphic Designer to
assist in these aspects of exhibition planning.
2) Press and marketing support, Event Coordination, and Education and
Outreach are handled primarily by Art Interactive.
3) Technical support and labor for construction and installation.
4) Printing and design of posters, postcards, press releases, mailings,
and an exhibition brochure.
5) A host of high-end equipment including computers, projectors,
cameras, etc.  A detailed specification list is available upon request.

In addition to these resources, Art Interactive will provide total
additional support of $2500.  This is typically used for stipends,
travel, shipping, purchase of special construction materials or
equipment.  If the budget for the proposed show exceeds $2500, please
provide a detailed plan for how and when additional funds will be
raised. Art Interactive is able to provide some administrative support,
planning and strategy for raising additional funds for a compelling 
curatorial project.

Proposals must be received at Art Interactive no later than February 1,2005.
Notifications will be sent by email to proposers on March 15th, 2005.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions must include 8 copies of the following:
1. Curator's CV (please include name, address, email address) 2. 
Proposed exhibition title (maximum 10 words) 3. Exhibition Abstract 
(maximum 500 words) 4. Exhibition Checklist (maximum 1 page) 5. 
Proposed Budget (see above, "support") 6. Supporting visual materials

Supporting visual material can include DVDs, CD-ROMs, websites, and 
printed photographs.
A self-addressed stamped envelope may be included in the submission 
for the return of these materials.

Please send all submissions by mail to:
Curatorial Committee
Art Interactive
130 Bishop Allen Drive
Cambridge, MA, 02139

For more information, please visit:
For additional inquiries, please email proposals at artinteractive.org

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