[artinfo] V.A.I.A 2004, III International Show of Video Art of Alcoi

Gudrun Bittner gbittner at subnet.at
Thu Apr 22 17:16:59 CEST 2004

V.A.I.A 2004, III International Show of Video Art of Alcoi
::: calls for videos :::

::: V.A.I.A will take place this year from the 5th until the 14th of 
November in Alcoi, Spain. All selected works will form part of the 
catalogue of V.A.I.A 2004 and will be projected in the cultural Center of 
Alcoi, the 13th of November at 6pm. Other selected works will form part of 
an exhibition in the Casal Jaume I of Alcoi.

::: The Show V.A.I.A has the aim to let be seen video work of young 
creators of different countries from a plural perspective; with unquiet 
themes, dreamlike and risked ideas. Exploring its diverse ways to work with 
the medium video. Contributing values and ways to understand society with 
multiple points of views.

::: Invited to send their works are all video authors from all 
nationalities and ages. Thematics are free. Especially we are interested in 
risked work, multidisciplinary, dreamlike, unquiet, subversive and/or with 
a social critical character. We are open for a variety of styles: From 
works of audiovisual exploration with narrative elements, abstracts, 
(videoloops, videoclips, ) and every form of animation. (Flash, 2D, 3D, ); 
also creations of video-dance, video-performance, documental and moreover 
all unclassified videos.

SENDING DEADLINE IS THE 31st of July, 2004

INFORMATION IN: www.videoraum.net

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