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Festival of Regions 2005

Call for submission of project proposals

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Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 6 June 2004, 
Duration of Festival: June / July 2005

Law, order and other systems of regulation are integral components of
societies and thus their cultures. As unambiguously established
normative systems or as temporary social conventions subject to
continual change, they shape everyday life, politics and culture. Laws,
usages, customs, moral precepts and artistic canons may be constantly
put into question, but their existence is an undisputed part of living
together. Universal human conventions as well as local or regional
peculiarities are revealed in them.

>From local rituals and formulas for greeting up to catalogues of human
rights, present-day law-and-order policies and aesthetic categories
present a complex spectrum in which cultural practices are embedded
along with the most inconspicuous routines of everyday life. Utopian
potentials are also often based on ideas of order just as much as they
oppose them. They give rise to controversial debates, theoretical
discourses, artistic strategies and cultural dynamics. The
transdisciplinary practice of the Festival of Regions thus provides an
ideal framework for questioning these concepts.

The Festival of Regions is interested in projects in art, science,
everyday culture, politics and related cultural areas which are
concerned with the present-day significance and forms of laws and social
orders in their respective social environments and is inviting
interested individuals, groups, cultural initiatives, associations and
institutions to submit proposals for projects.

International participation, interdisciplinary co-operation and
proposals for collaboration are expressly desired. Special emphasis is
put on projects which demonstrate a direct connection with specific
local situations or which will be realized in direct communication
and/or with the participation of the general public. A well-balanced
representation of projects from women and men is aimed at.

In line with the theme, one of the regions of focus for the Festival of
Regions 2005 has been defined as the region of Böhmerwald near the
borders of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. This region is
characterized by new structures and changes in the most recent past. One
or several additional focal regions will be decided upon based on the
results of the proposals submitted. Cultural initiatives are expressly
invited to make a submission with project proposals outside their
immediate area of work.

The Festival of Regions is one of the largest contemporary festivals of
culture in Austria. It has been taking place every two years since 1993
at decentralized venues in the federal state of Upper Austria with its
capital, Linz. At the interface between art and everyday life, the
festival's projects involve the general public in the discussion of
social, political and artistic questions. Outside the centres the
Festival of Regions connects contemporary cultural work and forms of art
with local traditions, histories and their peculiarities.

Who can make a project proposal?

Anyone with an idea on the theme: individual artists or artists
collaborating in a team, laypersons and professionals, individuals
working in the area of culture and society, initiatives, associations or
municipalities, no matter whether they are from Upper Austria or not.


The project proposal should be sent by mail in 12 copies (Din A4) or by
e-mail in the preferred format of a PDF file up to 2 MB and should be a
maximum of seven pages long. Additional materials cannot be taken into

Festival of Regions, Marktplatz 12, A-4100 Ottensheim or office at fdr.at
Tel: +43(0)7234 85 2 85, Fax: +43(0)7234 85 2 85-4, www.fdr.at

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 6 June 2004
Duration of Festival: from the end of June to the beginning of July 2005

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