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Margot Jacobs margot.jacobs at tii.se
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*outside in
*emerging expressions, interventions and participation in public space
*june 14th-15th @ röda sten, göteborg, sweden

In recent years, emerging technologies and policies have transformed notions
of public space. Mobile phones, surveillance systems and electronic barriers
affect how we spend our time, where we go and how we express ourselves. What
are the new perceptions of our cities and public spaces? What are aesthetic,
cultural and social implications? What is the impact on creative practices,
technology development and civic stakeholders? What are the emerging tactics
and processes for public engagement? What are the opportunities for
expression, intervention and participation? 'outside in' is a forum for
involving new voices, media and practices in a discourse about the use of
public space.

Over 2 days, 'outside in' will promote reflection, participation and action
in public space. Featured will be major international voices in public art
and graffiti, design and architecture, activism and urban planning, social
sciences and politics. Combining presentations, panel discussions, and
participatory workshops, symposium activities are intended to engage people
from a wide variety of disciplines in sharing and creating together.
Accepted submissions will be published in symposium proceedings and all
attendees will contribute to a public exhibition during the symposium. We
invite participation from designers, artists, musicians, sociologists,
activists, theoreticians, policy-makers, community workers, educators Š and
everyone concerned with access, design, and use of public space today!


Public Access
- new medias and technologies for public use
- public forums or access in virtual or digital realms
- public presence or participation through new medias
- local/global, public/private concerns
- technology impacting public spaces and communities
- re-invention of geography, architecture & public space with new media

Beyond Utility
- design beyond efficiency
- designing for new genres and modalities
- open systems and adaptable products
- designing for appropriation & sustainability
- experimental design methods and processes

Civic (mis)behaviors
- new roles and voices in the public sphere
- expression, community, and collectivism
- emerging tactics, strategies & forms of authorship
- stakeholders and coalitions in public projects
- the front line between freedom and protection


We now invite submissions for Outside In workshops!

The symposium format is a unique blend of presentation and participation
styles in order to involve a wide spectrum of voices and expertise in
creative exchange - in the morning of each day will be prominent invited
speakers with keynote presentations and open panel discussions. In the
afternoons, presenters and participants alike will join in workshop formats,
which combine less formal presentations with hands-on activity to engage and
involve a wide spectrum of disciplines, creative voices, and practitioners
in discussing and creating together. Each workshop will be guided by 2-3
people and will be 4-6 hours long, spread over both afternoons of the
two-day symposium.

Please note that the only category for submission to Outside In is in the
workshops! A printed publication from the symposium will feature outstanding
workshop submissions and all workshop outcomes. In addition, all workshop
outcomes will be exhibited at Valand, the Fine Arts Academy in Göteborg, and
in other selected galleries and outdoor venues around the city. Registration
for morning presentations and afternoon workshops will be separate
(admission to workshops will only be for accepted submissions).

The workshop titles and leaders are as follows:

Hacking the Street
Jonah Brucker-Cohen + Katherine Moriwaki

Confronting Public Territory
Tele + Ruskig

National Suicide Day

Loop City
Sara Hodges + Dietmar Offenhuber

DIY Media Architecture
Adam Somlai-Fischer + Aether Architecture et al

A Day in the Life
Rick Charnoski + Buddy Nichols

The Kids are Alright
Linda Melin + Daniel Rehn


* Name, Country, Affiliation (if applicable)
* Contact email
* Web address (if applicable)
* Workshop applying for
* 250-300 word statement of interest AND|OR media (we accept digital format
images, mp3s, video submissions)

Please email all submissions to margot.jacobs at tii.se
<mailto:margot.jacobs at tii.se>
Submissions Due: May 15th, 2004

see www.outsidein.se <http://www.outsidein.se/>
for updates and more information.


Margot Jacobs { margot.jacobs at tii.se } is an interaction designer and
artist. Her work incorporates game and user-based methods to design for the
emotional interplay among people in public and intimate settings. Before
coming to PLAY, she was a research fellow at the Interaction Design
Institute Ivrea in Italy and received degrees from the Interactive
Telecommunications Program at New York University and Georgia Institute of

Ramia Mazé { ramia.maze at tii.se } is an interaction designer focusing on new
prototyping methods  and design strategies in the development of technology
systems, products, and concepts. Before coming to PLAY, she worked in design
consultancies, industrial research, and architecture and she received
degrees in Computer Related Design from the Royal College of Art in London
and Arch at Barnard.

Margot Jacobs and Ramia Mazé are currently conducting work themed 'Public
Play Spaces' at the PLAY studio of the Interactive Institute, Sweden. The
Interactive Institute is an innovation-oriented research organization
investigating the impact of digital media for society, politics, industry
and culture in the future. Comprised of several studios spread throughout
Sweden, the Institute supports collaboration between art, technology,
science and enterprise in the development of digital media concepts,
products and entrepreneurship. The PLAY studio in Göteborg focuses on
experimental design for everyday life with themes focusing particularly on
textiles, game patterns and public space.

watch this space : www.outsidein.se <http://www.outsidein.se/> for upcoming
details on submission and participation

  'outside in' is hosted by the PLAY studio of the Interactive Institute, and
will be held at Röda Sten in Göteborg Sweden from June 14th to June 15th
2004. For more information, contact us through the website or at
info at outsidein.se <mailto:info at outsidein.se>


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