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Version Magazine

Editors: Gabriela Vanga, Mircea Cantor and Ciprian Muresan

Version Magazine is an editing project initiated by the Romanian 
artists Gabriela Vanga, Mircea Cantor and Ciprian Muresan. Version 
Magazine started in 2001 as an artist initiative, an experimental 
platform outside the institutional framework. Its mission is to 
confront different social and political realities as well as 
geographical and historical contexts. Version Magazine provides an 
open field for discussions and debates, a creative space for artists, 
curators, scientists, architects, historians, anthropologists, and 
poets among others. The magazine aims at bridging a gap between art 
and other domains of creation. Version is a research laboratory for 
proposals and social hybridization. It stimulates the dialogue in the 
social-cultural climate by avoiding the usual divisions between 
categories/disciplines/fields as the crossover stereotype. The 
magazine is based on free contributions from artists and authors 
coming from different fields and a carte blanche is given to a new 
guest editor for each issue. 2000 copies of each issue are 
distributed free of charge on an international scale. The PDF version 
of each issue is also downloadable from the website 

Contact: versionmagazine at yahoo.com

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