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Tue Sep 30 14:45:19 CEST 2003

Call for Applications - 2004 Program

For further information and an application form:
Telephone: (416) 415-5000 ext. 2103

The next program begins in January, 2004.
Applications must be received by October 17, 2003.

The Institute without Boundaries (IwB) is a one-year, post-graduate 
interdisciplinary design program located within the Bruce Mau Design 
studio and offered in partnership with George Brown - Toronto City 

We're looking for exceptional people to join the Institute without 
Boundaries 2004 team. Our aim is to produce a new breed of designer 
who can articulate possibilities -- one who is, in the words of 
Buckminster Fuller, "a synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, 
objective economist, and evolutionary strategist."

Each year, we will select ten applicants from an international pool 
who will spend twelve months inside the Bruce Mau Design studio in 
Toronto, working as a team to research, design, and realize an 
ambitious public project. Applicants will have undergraduate or 
professional experience and will be drawn from a diverse range of 
backgrounds including the sciences, arts, and design disciplines. The 
IwB student team will engage in the fullest range of creative 
practices, from research and writing, to design in myriad media, and 
project management.

The inaugural year has been an intense and productive experience for 
everyone involved. The 2003 IwB team is a close-knit group of six 
dedicated and talented individuals from Mexico, USA, Canada and 
Europe, with backgrounds in journalism, psychology, science, design, 
publishing, communications, and architecture. Working closely with 
Bruce Mau, program director Greg Van Alstyne, and members of the BMD 
studio, the IwB team has been laying the foundations for Massive 
Change, an international project on the future of design.

Massive Change is built around the view that design -- the human 
capacity to plan and produce desired outcomes -- has placed us at the 
beginning of a new, unprecedented period of human possibility. 
Engineered as a questioning discursive project, Massive Change maps 
the new territories of design practice, from the built environment to 
radical innovations in transportation technology, materials, energy, 
information, software, and living organisms. Massive Change 
delineates both the utopian and dystopian possibilities of a world in 
which nature is no longer a realm outside of our manipulation.

Between now and 2006, Massive Change will embody an international 
touring exhibition commissioned by the Vancouver Art Gallery, a book 
published by Phaidon Press, a feature film project, radio program, 
public events, a product line and an evolving web site at 

During the 2004 program, students of the Institute without Boundaries 
will be responsible for a wide range of outcomes, including the 
public opening of the Massive Change exhibition in Vancouver, 
adapting the exhibition for its first tour venue, and enlarging it 
for a major European cultural exposition. The team will also plan and 
produce the Massive Change feature film project, the online forum, 
and a series of public events featuring pre-eminent designers, 
writers, scientists, and intellectuals.

For further information and an application form:
Telephone: (416) 415-5000 ext. 2103

The next program begins in January, 2004.
Applications must be received by October 17, 2003.

If you wish to be added to the IwB mailing list, please reply to 
institute at brucemaudesign.com with the word ADD in the subject line.

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