[artinfo] Discordia wants you

Discordia Collective treborscholz at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 25 02:39:12 CEST 2003

www.discordia.us wants you!

Discordia, the collaborative weblog on new media arts and culture, 
opened in June.

The project has left its beta phase and is ready to kick off. Already 
a few hundred users have registered and started posting.

What does Discordia have on the burner this fall?

Now taking reservations October 2003 to January 2004:

Become a guest star for a week! Or share the spotlight by inviting a 
correspondent to guest host along with you!

Some possible topics:
  --world summit on the information society
  --p2p projects
  --taxonomies of online media culture projects
  --report from the October conference of Internet researchers in Toronto
  --discuss your critical online project
  --issues in media arts
  --issues in media arts education
  --film/ politics/ social visions
  --collaboration / cooperation
  --difference and diversity beyond tokenism
  --issues in software culture
  --rise and demise of Internet
  --the spectacle of elections/ democracy as mass entertainment
  --ups and downs of collaborative weblogs
  --read and debate a book together

Or suggest a topic of your own.
And remember - Discordia welcomes posts in a variety of languages.

Discordia also looks for permanent members of its editiorial team. So 
far the founders had to deal with a lot of technical issues, but we 
would like to move on from there and focus more on critical debates 
and essays.

Send us the dates of the week for which you propose, the topic(s), 
and optionally, name of your correspondent to:


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