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>Professional preview on September 18 ­ 19, 2003
>The 8th International Istanbul Biennial organized by the Istanbul 
>Foundation for Culture and Arts will take place between 20 September ­ 16 
>November 2003. The 8th Istanbul Biennial is curated by Dan Cameron under 
>the title “Poetic Justice” and will host approximately 85 artists from 42 
>The conceptual framework of the 8th International Istanbul Biennial will 
>be formed around the concept of Poetic Justice. In proposing this phrase 
>as the basis for a sustained investigation into the latest developments in 
>contemporary art, the exhibition seeks to articulate an area of creative 
>activity in which the seemingly opposing concepts of poetry and justice 
>are brought into play together. The 8th Istanbul Biennial will raise the 
>questions of “What is justice? Why has justice emerged today as a question 
>of pressing concern? Is justice possible in today’s globalized world?”, 
>and with the title Poetic Justice which takes its cue from the literary 
>device of the same name will reveal part of its underlying premise as an 
>attempt to reconsider the wide stylistic breach between two different 
>forms of art-making: one which takes as its subject the world and its 
>affairs, a second one that address concerns which are more identified with 
>the viewer’s inner life. One of the most important objectives of the 8th 
>International Istanbul Biennial will be to create a lively and engaging 
>public forum for responding to the ideas of artists whose work embodies a 
>form of commitment to the goal of making art a vehicle for reconciling 
>these two facets of life.
>(Excerpt from the conceptual framework of Dan Cameron developed for the 
>8th International Istanbul Biennial. For further information please visit 
>our web-site at www.istfest.org/bienal )
>Dan Cameron is Senior Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New 
>York, a position he received in 1995. Cameron, based in New York since 
>1979, has organised such exhibitions as Extended Sensibilities (New 
>Museum, 1982); Art and its Double (Fundacio ‘La Caixa’, Barcelona and 
>Madrid, 1986-87); Aperto (Biennale di Venezia, 1988); What is Contemporary 
>Art? (Rooseum, Malmo, 1989); Modern Detour (Vienna Secession, 1990); The 
>Savage Garden (Fundacio ‘la Caixa,’ Madrid, 1991); Future Perfect 
>(Heilegenkreuzerhof, Vienna, 1993); Cocido y Crudo (Museo Reina Sofia, 
>Madrid, 1994); Threshold (Fundacio Serralves, Oporto, 1995); and Kenny 
>Scharf (MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey, 1996), Remota: 
>Airmail Paintings of Eugenio Dittborn (1997); Unland: Doris Salcedo 
>(1998); Marcel Odenbach (1998); Open House: Michael Smith and Joshua White 
>(1999), Cildo Meireles (1999), Pierre et Gilles (2000), Paul McCarthy 
>(2001), William Kentridge (2001), and Wim Delvoye: Cloaca (2002); 
>Francesco Vezzoli (2002) and Living inside the Grid (2003) . He has 
>written extensively on contemporary art since 1981, and has been 
>Contributing Editor for Art Magazine, Art&Auction, Artforum and Flash Art, 
>as well as a writer for Parkett and trans. He has published exhibition 
>catalogues and monographic texts on numerous artists.
>The 8th International Istanbul Biennial will host 85 artists from 42 
>countries. The artists who are invited to participate in the 8th 
>International Istanbul Biennial are:
>Can Altay (Turkey)
>David Altmejd (Canada)
>Alexander Apostol (Venezuela)
>Knut Åsdam (Norway)
>Kutluð Ataman (Turkey)
>Fikret Atay (Turkey)
>Txomin Badiola (Spain)
>Kim Beom (Korea)
>Zarina Bhimji (Uganda/UK)
>Monica Bonvicini (Italy)
>Tania Bruguera (Cuba)
>Fernando Bryce (Peru/Germany)
>Gerard Byrne (Ireland)
>Alberto Casado (Cuba)
>Filipa César (Portugal)
>Taner Ceylan (Turkey)
>Attila Csörgõ (Hungary)
>Minerva Cuevas (Mexico)
>Ergin Çavuþoðlu (Turkey)
>Danica Dakić (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Germany)
>Stephen Dean (France/USA)
>Willie Doherty (Ireland/UK)
>Song Dong (China)
>Cevdet Erek - Emre Erkal (Turkey)
>Esra Ersen (Turkey)
>Bruna Esposito (Italy)
>Tony Feher (USA)
>Dora Garcia (Spain/Belgium)
>Kendell Geers (South Africa/Belgium)
>Ann Hamilton (USA)
>Trenton Doyle Hancock (USA)
>Runa Islam (Bangladesh/ UK)
>Emily Jacir (Palestine)
>Yeondoo Jung (Korea)
>Shahram Karimi (Iran/Germany)
>Hassan Khan (Egypt)
>Lucia Koch (Brazil)
>Andreja Kulunčić (Croatia)
>Surasi Kusolwong (Thailand)
>Annika Larsson (Sweden)
>Nikki S. Lee (Korea)
>José Legaspi (Philippines)
>Rogelio López Cuenca (Spain)
>Liisa Lounila (Finland)
>Jorge Macchi (Argentina)
>DeAnna Maganias (Greece)
>Nalini Malani (India)
>Marepe (Brazil)
>Marlene McCarty (USA)
>Julie Mehretu (Ethiopia/USA)
>Cildo Meireles (Brazil)
>Bjørn Melhus (Germany)
>Aernout Mik (Netherlands)
>Zwelethu Mthethwa (South Africa)
>Mike Nelson (UK)
>Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (Vietnam)
>Paul Noble (UK)
>Jockum Nordström (Sweden)
>Walter Obholzer (Austria)
>Oda Projesi (Turkey)
>Marcel Odenbach (Germany)
>Yoshua Okon (Mexico)
>Raquel Ormella (Australia)
>Tsuyoshi Ozawa (Japan)
>Bruno Peinado (France)
>Marjetica Potrč (Slovenia)
>Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook (Thailand)
>Michael Riley (Australia)
>Anri Sala (Albania/France)
>Doris Salcedo (Colombia)
>Seifollah Samadian (Iran)
>Peter Sarkisian (USA)
>Efrat Shvily (Israel)
>Shahzia Sikander (Pakistan/USA)
>Monika Sosnowska (Poland)
>Jennifer Steinkamp (USA)
>Hiroshi Sugito (Japan)
>Do-Ho Suh (Korea/USA)
>Fiona Tan (Indonesia/Netherlands)
>Pascale Marthine Tayou (Cameroon/Belgium)
>Lina Theodorou (Greece)
>Milica Tomić (Serbia)
>Uri Tzaig - Avi Shaham (Israel)
>xurban.net (Turkey)
>Jasmila Zbanić (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
>The 8th International Istanbul Biennial will utilise four main venues; 
>namely the Antrepo No: 4, a 8.000 squaremeters former warehouse on the 
>shore of the Bosphorous, the Mimar Sinan University Tophane-i Amire 
>Culture and Arts Centre, now turned into an exhibition space was 
>constructed in 1451 as an artillery factory; Yerebatan Cistern, built in 
>532 to store water for the Great Palace during Byzantine Empire and the 
>Haghia Sophia Museum, one of the greatest architectural landmarks of the world.
>Antrepo Nr. 4 ▪ 10.30 ­ 19.30 ▪ Except Mondays
>Necati Bey Caddesi, Türkiye Denizcilik Isletmeleri, Salipazari, Karakoy
>MSU Tophane-i Amire Culture and Arts Center ▪ 10.30 ­ 19.30 ▪ 
>Except Mondays
>Necati Bey Caddesi, Defterdar Yokusu, Salipazari, Karakoy
>Yerebatan Cistern ▪ 10.00 ­ 18.00 ▪ Except Mondays
>Yerebatan Caddesi, No:13, Sultanahmet
>Haghia Sophia Museum ▪ 09.00 ­ 16.00 ▪ Except Mondays
>Sultanahmet ▪ Purchase of museum ticket required.
>Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center
>Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 13:00 -20:00 ▪ Friday ­ Saturday 
>276 Istýklal Caddesi, Beyoglu
>Outdoor Projects:
>Minerva Cuevas, Billboards
>Bruna Esposito, Science Center ▪ 10:00-18:00
>ITU Mimarlik Fakultesi Arka Bahcesi, Taskisla - Taksim
>Lucia Koch, Cagaloglu Turkish Bath ▪ Women: 08.00 ­ 20.00 ▪ 
>Men: 08.00 ­ 22.00
>Kazim Ismail Gurkan Caddesi No:34, Cagaloglu
>Rogelio Lopez Cuenca, Street Signages
>Throughout the city
>Cildo Meireles, Istiklal Caddesi, Galatasaray
>Mike Nelson, Buyuk Valide Han
>Monday - Friday 07.00 ­ 20.30 ▪ Saturday 07.00 ­ 18.00
>Cakmakcilar Yokusu, Kat:2 No: 51, Mercan
>Oda Projesi
>Monday, Wednesday, Friday 14.00 ­ 19.00 ▪ Saturday 13.00 From 13.00 
>Galata ­ Sahkulu Sokak, No: 39/1
>Doris Salcedo, Yemeniciler Caddesi, No:55 Persembe Pazari, Karakoy
>TICKET PRICES: 10.000000 TL
>Student ▪ Senior citizens and teachers ▪ Members of the 
>International Association of Plastic Arts ▪ Groups exceeding 15 
>people 5.000.000 TL.
>Student groups exceeding 15 people 2.500.000 TL.
>Daily at 11.00, 14.00, 17.00:  10.000.000 TL.
>Excluding entrance fee.
>The press opening of the 8th Istanbul Biennial will take place on the 18 
>September at 15:00 and will be followed by panel discussions, performances 
>and other special events during 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd. The official 
>opening of the Biennial is scheduled for the 19 September 19:00hrs and the 
>exhibition will be open to public from 20 September on. For accreditation 
>to the professional preview please contact the Media Relations office.
>You may reach a list of hotels & prices through our web site at 
>http://www.istfest.org/bienal/ where you can also complete your 
>reservation online. You may contact Ms. Turel from our official travel 
>agency if you may
>have questions & problems with your travel plans. We advise you to book a 
>hotel around Taksim or Beyoglu area.
>Viking Turizm - Travel Agent of the 8th International Istanbul Biennial
>Idil Turel (Ms.)
>8.International Istanbul Biennial
>Project Manager
>idil at vikingturizm.com.tr
>Direct Tel : +90 212 334 26 42
>Mr. Ustungel Inanc
>Foreign Press Co-ordinator
>International Istanbul Biennial
>Media Relations
>Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
>Istiklal Cad. Luvr Apt. No: 146 Beyoðlu 34435 Ýstanbul
>Tel: +90 212 334 0757
>Fax: +90 212 334 0716
>e-mail: uinanc at istfest.org

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