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exStream Residency Program: call for projects

V2_Lab is currently seeking for European artists and software developers
interested in participating in a residency program in the context of the
exStream project starting in the beginning of 2004.
exStream is an interactive multimedia artistic exchange, the project aims to
foster collaboration among European and Canadian artists from different
audiovisual and new media disciplines.

The exStream residency program takes place at four organizations:

Playlist European Residencies (P.E.R.) at V2_Lab (Rotterdam, the
P.E.R. focuses on the co-creation of interactive audiovisual content and the
development of tools for future projects. P.E.R. uses the high speed network
as an environment for the production and public display of a collaborative
video work created by ten high-profile Canadian and European media artists.
P.E.R. also includes the development of a new digital software toolset that
will support the work's creation and display. We plan to work with a series
of online events as well as physical meetings and residencies on both
continents. Media artists from Canada and Europe will co-develop the content
'conversationally'. Each artist begins by creating short video and audio
'assets' which they post to a shared online database. A web interface allows
them to segue their own and other artist's media files seamlessly, in any
order. Artists play with the content and order, or initiate new tangential
or nested segments stemming from the original linear path in response to the
works created by other artists. All can continuously add, subtract and
re-edit their material to articulate new directions or continue existing
ones. Through the residency program, P.E.R. would like to enable groups of
artists and software developers to work together to develop concrete art
projects for streaming media or open source streaming tools. These
residencies will also enable the collaborators to test, research and resolve
creative issues relating to the use of these applications and then to apply
this knowledge to develop their full artistic work for presentation.

The artists will be selected by V2_ according a call for proposals and an
introduction workshop, which will be organized by V2_ in collaboration with
exStream in Rotterdam the 27th and 28th of November 2003.

exStream residencies at Bootlab (Berlin, Germany)
Bootlab offers a committed crew of highly skilled media practitioners with a
range of interests from copyright, design, open source, and streaming.
Residents enjoy the full benefits of members which means access to people,
workshops, screenings, and a great entrypoint to Berlin's cultural life.
reboot.fm, an open source fm radio broadcast offers access to large audience
and the chance to participate in a larger network of audio producers.
Technical infrastructure is limited, so an ad hoc attitude is a plus.

exStream residencies at InterSpace (Sofia, Bulgaria)
InterSpace will support artists in residency in production of art
installations, streamings and performances, which demonstrate their artistic
usage. InterSpace is also interested in inviting technicians who have
developed solutions that they can present to Bulgarian artists and work
These projects should serve as a core for attracting artists and
accumulating a few quality projects, which will be presented later in an
InterSpace will offer to exStream residents a working space, technical
equipment and assistance from a team of programmers and system
administrators working mostly with open source and Linux.
InterSpace offers the following facilities: video editing workstations,
wireless connections,
workstations with Linux /ISLD  InterSpace Linux distribution, Mandrake,
Suse, workstation with Windows XP, web server and router with FreeBSD

exStream residencies at Hull Time Based Arts (Hull, United Kingdom)
Hull Time Based Arts will host residencies for video and streaming
Hull Time Based Arts offers the following facilities: video editing and
post-production facilities (AVID9000, Final Cut Pro etc.), audio editing and
post-production (ProTools), interactive television (DSL, Settopbox, SMIL)
Selection process

Ten artists will be selected to participate in the workshop, on the 27th and
28th November 2003, organized by V2_Organisation in Rotterdam. For this
workshop travel and lodging will be covered.
After the workshop five of these artists will be selected for a 1 month
residency with one of the four partner organizations of exStream, starting
between January and June 2004. The selected artists will receive a fee of
2000,- Euro each for lodging and travel costs.


All interested artists / software developers please submit the following
information in the proposal form (PDF):

Description of project to be developed during residency
Short biography
Preferred date of residency
Name of preferred organization for the residence (see below)
Outline of technical needs (in terms of technical assistance, equipment,
Deadline for your proposal is 1st November 2003. Please send the completed
PDF proposal form to lobke at v2.nl

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