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McColl Center for Visual Art
(Charlotte NC)
Visit our website at www.mccollcenter.org for more information and application guidelines.
Application Date: 05/01/04
The Art Omi International Artists' Colony 
Art Omi International Artists' Colony
(New York NY)
Application Date: 02/01/04
Ruth Adams, Director, Art Omi International Artists' Colony, 55 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003; fax (212) 206-6114; email artomi55 at aol.com; or visit www.artomi.org.
Ronnie Heyman Prize for an Emerging Visual Artist
National Foundation for Jewish Culture
(New York NY)
The Ronnie Heyman Prize for an Emerging Jewish Visual Artist was established by the National Foundation for Jewish Culture to recognize and support an emerging visual artist who has created and exhibited a body of work that reflects the Jewish experience. 
Application Date: 11/06/03
Visit www.jewishculture.org to download the application or call 212.629.0550 ext. 215.
Berlin, Germany
Call for Submissions
TRAMPOLINE invites all artists working in FILM or VIDEO, COMPUTER BASED WORK, NEW MEDIA INSTALLATION or NEW MEDIA LIVE ART / PERFORMANCE, ELECTRONIC SCULPTURE or SOUND to submit their work for our praterfernsehen-night on october 28. + 29th.
we are especially looking for PERFORMANCE and LIVE ART work for this show as well as for short VIDEO work, preferably on mini-dv. other formats accepted are vhs, dvd, cdrom or for documentation of live work or installation photos etc.
info at trampoline-berlin.de 
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Patagonia Art, rx:tx and Projekt Atol
makrolab at ljudmila.org 
hi/lo film festival - CALL FOR ENTRIES
the hi/lo film festival is now accepting submissions for the 2004 fest
San Francisco's hi/lo film festival is now accepting submissions for
our 2004 festival. If you have a high-concept/low-budget flick to
send our way fill out the
ONLINE APPLICATION at: www.hilofilmfestival.com
The early-bird submission deadline is December 15th, and final
deadline for submitting is January 15th, 2004.
info at hilofilmfestival.com
Are you interested in sequential images? Are you interested in the relationships between contemporary art and chronophotography or pre-cinema?  If you would like to contribute to 'Sequences' in any way please write to: Paul St George <email at sequences.org.uk>

You are probably familiar with pre-cinema (magic lanterns, zeotropes, phenakistiscopes, thaumatropes, praxinoscopes and so on) but you might want to see some examples of chronophotography at http://www.sequences.org.uk/
LIFE 6.0 International Competition - Call for Participation
The competition's website at http://www.vidalife.org has the guidelines,
Deadline: Friday, October 31, 2003.
For further information, please visit http://www.vidalife.org
AltArt Foundation, with support from the European Cultural Foundation, organises the workshop Terrra Incognita. Tell Your story! which will take place in Cluj, Romania from 27th of October till 2nd of November 2003.
 please visit www.altart.org. The application form should be retuned by e-mail at terraincognita at altart.org  as soon as possible but not later than by Friday, October 3, 2003.

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