[artinfo] [UNXposed] video art screening in Rio de Janeiro and calling for submissions

UNXposed Moderator saiz at unxposed.com
Tue Nov 11 13:22:12 CET 2003

That's our next screening, but we also would like to invite all video
artists to send us some work for the on going on the 12th of December, and
in many events on 2004.

Mostra laisle.com Parque Lage
The next screening of mostra laisle.com will be at Parque Lage, on the 28th
and 29th of November, starting at 17:30 on the 28th and 16 h on the 29th,
16h, with different programmes each day, after the screening on the 28th we
will have a conversation between the public and the authors mediated by
Bruno de Carvalho, video artist that teaches at Parque Lage.

Will presented recent productions from Brasil, France, USA, UK, Spain and
Japan. We have also a selection of microcinema videos, curated by Joel
Bachar and a DVD with Hong Kong, in an interdisciplinary exercise of essays
and video combined, there are 10 videos and 10 essays from this
colaborations of writers and vídeo artists. The project was curtared by
Leung Man tao and Steven Pang. The artist Jamsen Law did lend the DVD.

This screening was curated and organized by Carlo Sansolo and Érika

The screening will have the following artists:

André Sheik (RJ) Amy Guggenheim (USA), Andrés Senra (ESP) Barry Anderson
(USA), Carlo Sansolo (RJ), Cézar Migliorin (RJ), Erika Fraenkel (RJ), Harold
Offeh, Joshua Callghan (USA), Kazumi Kanemaki (JAP), Kazuo Honda (JAP),
Lauren Petty e Shaun Irons (USA), Leonardo Galvão (RJ), Marcellvs I (MG),
Masayuki Kawai (JAP), Pascal Liévre (FRA), Simone Michelin (RJ), Victor Lema
Ricque (SP).

  Artists curated by Microcinema/Joel Bachar:
Ben Coonley (USA), Evan James (USA), Gregory McDonald (USA), Jim Minton
(USA), Jon Nowak (USA) Julian Dahl (CAN ) Laura DiTrapani (USA) Rick Raxlen
(CAN), Roger Beebe (USA), Selina Herbert (U.K.),  Thomas Muller (Ger), Tom
Putnam (USA), Troy DeRego (USA).

  Video Essay distributed by microwave international media art festival and
curated by Leung Man Tao and Steven Pang

May Fung/Xi Xi, Ernest Fung/Hon Lai Chu, Yau Ching/ Yip Tak Fai, Jamsen Law/
Lui Tai Lok, Young Hay/ Chan Chi Tak, Mark Chan/ Yu Fei, Wong Sau Ping/ Kong
King Chu, Hwan NG/ Dung Kai Cheung, John Wong/ Shu Kei, Ellen Pau/ Huang

More info at: http://www.laisle.com/eventsenglish06parquelage.html

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