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call for works - fotofest [2004]

Independent Exposure-FotoFest 2004
Microcinema International is pleased to announce a call for works for a 
special edition of Independent Exposure - the "Water Edition 2004".

In conjunction with Fotofest 2004, Microcinema will produce a short moving 
image series dealing with the subject of WATER.

This program will premier in Houston, Texas in March of 2004 to audiences 
throughout the city as the screening travels to various local film venues 
and schools. After appearing in FotoFest Houston, the show will travel to 
microcinemas worldwide throughout 2004.

FotoFest 2004 will take place from Mid-March to Mid-April 2004 in Houston. 
The focus for the 2004 Biennial is water; water as global resource and 
inspiration for personal and creative expression. The three directions to 
FotoFest's exhibition and education programming in 2004 are:

-The Global Perspective: Water as historical determinant of human 
settlement and a force in shaping the future, international politics, and 
economic development.

-The Community Perspective: Water and the quality of life, its potential 
for enrichment and destruction. This area will have a particular emphasis 
on cities.

-The Personal View: Water as a catalyst for individual expression and 
aesthetic and spiritual contemplation and creativity.
FOTOFEST is an internationally recognized non-profit, international arts 
and education organization based in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 1983 
by photographers Frederick Baldwin and Wendy Watriss, and European gallery 
owner, Petra Benteler.

FotoFest's purpose is to create an international forum for the exchange of 
art and ideas and to promote public appreciation of photography. FotoFest's 
principal art event is the biennial International Month of Photography in 
Houston, one of the largest photography biennial events in the world - the 
oldest and longest running biennial of its kind in the United States. The 
first biennial event took place in 1986.

FotoFest's programs bring together an international vision of art with a 
commitment to cross-cultural education and the strengthening of cultural 
resources in Houston, the United States, and around the globe. The festival 
is committed to providing a forum for the photo-related arts, past and 
present, and helping to improve education in Houston and the United States.

FotoFest's principal education program is the year-round, classroom-based 
Literacy Through Photography, which has operated in Houston public schools 
since 1989. Between biennial events, FotoFest sponsors special exhibits, 
touring shows, photography publications, and other educational programs.

The Exact dates and venues for Independent Exposure FotoFest 2004 will be 
announced and posted to the Fotofest website www.fotofest.org and the 
Microcinema Website www.microcinema.com in the coming months.


For our Fotofest Independent Exposure compilation we will accept short 
video, film and digital-media submissions of 15 minutes or less and are 
currently looking for narrative, documentary, humorous, dramatic, 
animation, experimental, alternative, avant-garde, erotic, and underground 
works that deal in some way with WATER.



Please submit a VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM), clearly labeled with name, 
title, length, phone-number and email, plus the mention "FOTOFEST".

Due to the large amount of entries, we are unable to return your submission 
but we will get back to you regarding your submission(s)!

Microcinema will contact you before or by January 15, 2004.

Send submissions to:
Microcinema International
1530 Sul Ross
Houston, TX 77006
Info/details: +1-713-527-8412
info at microcinema.com

microcinema [international]

Microcinema's mission is to curate, exhibit, distribute and promote a new 
era of emerging and innovate international moving image artists whose 
deeply personal and culturally relevant works are typically marginalized by 
the mainstream entertainment industry.
Microcinema fosters this burgeoning culture by curating thoughtful, unique 
and diverse screening programs, which are exhibited and distributed via 
alternative venues worldwide. Promotion and dissemination of works through 
such screenings continues to develop dedicated audiences while creating a 
necessary dialogue between artists and audiences, worldwide.

Microcinema supports this mission via exhibition-based events, advocacy, 
education and archiving, as well as by developing infrastructural support 
for alternative media organizations and venues worldwide. In doing so, 
Microcinema catalyzes the establishment of an international network of 
shared moving image programming, resources, information, and equipment.

Microcinema's Independent Exposure is a touring screening program of 
independent films, videos, and digital art that has been in existence since 
1996. Independent Exposure screens at various microcinemas and alternative 
venues and festivals around the world. Microcinema has presented the short 
film, video and digital works of over 750 artists in 38 countries and 

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Texas Office
Patrick Kwiatkowski
1530 Sul Ross 1
Houston, TX 77006

Bay Area and For Regular Submissions:
Joel S. Bachar
531 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
info at microcinema.com

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