[artinfo] [UNXposed] Open Call for video artists

Anders Weberg/Recycled anders.weberg at telia.com
Thu Jul 31 16:06:50 CEST 2003

Alt-Gallery.tk Seeks Submissions for the Grand Opening

On August 15 the concept for the mobile gallery Alt-Gallery.tk will have
it's first show.

The idea behind the galley is the have shows at different locations each
time and just for one night at every place.

So it's more like screenings instead of a typical gallery.

I know we are a little bit late but if you want to participate with an
artpiece at the opening youre most welcome.

No fees and everything will be shown.

Long, short .. As long as it's on Pal vhs or dv tape ..
Tapes will not be returned .. We will keep it for next shows.

The opening is on August the 15th so it's kind of in a hurry ..
The location is in an old cellar where we will have 6 tv sets showing art.

Send your submissions to:

Anders Weberg
Vaktgatan 30
S-262 32 Ängelholm

Email me if you have any further questions

Have a great day ..

Anders Weberg - Recycled Image Studio
Laxgatan 1 - S-26232 Ängelholm
Phone +46 43112040 Mob +46 736575869
Anders.weberg at telia.com

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