[artinfo] Real Presence 3 invitation

Lázár Eszter leszter at voyager.arts7.hu
Tue Jul 15 13:55:24 CEST 2003

Dear friends,
Here in attachment you can find the application form for the participation to the Real Presence 3 workshop - if you are interested in taking part please fill it and send us back. 
It is not necessary to send us folders or other materials - e-mail is enough for application.

If you have been already in Belgrade on some of previous Real Presence workshops, please forward this mail to some of your friends who might be interested in coming to Belgrade.
This is very open kind of workshop; participants can stay all the time: 20-31 of August 2003 or chose some days. 

We started with this project in 2001 and we did a huge workshop with almost 300 persons, but this time it will be more concentrated, international, and it will be in the space if Museum of 25th of May (ex Museum of Tito); 

we can provide with accommodation at students hotel, food and some workshop material. 

Workshop consists of work presentation so participants should bring some of their documentation: slides or video, cd... and can bring with them some smaller works or can realise a work/project in the museum. 

The most important aspect of Real Presence 3 is actually meeting, exchange, being together... 

Looking forward having your news
warm regards,
Dobrila Denegri and Biljana Tomic

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Dobrila Denegri
Via Angelo Tittoni 4
00153 Roma
tel. +39 06 5806724
Biljana Tomic
nKA / ICA - Belgrade
Dr. Ivana Ribara 113/3
11070 Novi Beograd
Serbia and Montenegro
tel/fax. +381 11 158948
btomicka at eunet.yu

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