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Zoltán László Zoltan.Laszlo at web.de
Thu Jul 10 19:13:14 CEST 2003

The Summer Source Camp will bring together a focused group of
Stakeholders and allies working to foster Open Source software solutions for
the non-profit sector across Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The non-profit sector (often called Non Governmental Organizations or
NGO's)has heard much about free and open source software (F/OSS) in the past
few years. Many who have looked into software for their organizations are
aware of the arguments for choosing an open source route. However, most of
us are
still using Microsoft products, and other proprietary solutions. A critical
barrier in this transition is the lack of information about practical
implementations, coupled with a lack of connection between implementers of
open source solutions and the F/OSS developers with whom they need to work.

Summer Source will address these issues in an eight-day series of workshops,
skillshares, and structured discussions in which implementers and developers
are brought together to learn and share. The camp will foster the practical
skills needed in both groups to bring open source solutions to fruition in
the non-profit environment, while offering a space in which this nascent,
regional community can firmly take hold.

Tactical Tech Amsterdam, Multimedia Institute Croatia and the Open
Society Institute's Information Program have pooled resources to take the
Summer camp forward. We are approaching this as the first of a series of
Regional events that will build the local F/OSS capacity.

Summer Source will focus on open source education for two distinct
technology-savvy groups: developers, who create the software, and
implementers, who guide non-profit organizations through technology
strategizing.   During the camp, developers and implementers will
attend separate, tailored workshops as well as numerous shared sessions.

Implementers will emerge with hands-on experience in standard
open-source desktop software, coupled with a greater appreciation for the
challenges and opportunities in helping non-profits select a practical set
of open source tools. For these participants, the camp will create a
practical awareness of F/OSS choices; they will leave understanding clearly
what works, what doesn't, and how they can help their organizations to make
informed choices. Upon completion of camp, implementers will possess the
requisite skills to set up a small NGO office entirely using open source
solutions, while also knowing who they can call for assistance.

Developers at Summer Source will learn how they can apply their skills
And knowledge to make a significant impact in the work of NGO's, and be
encouraged to inspire others to do the same.  Sessions will address
funding issues, marketplace models, and relevant legal and policy issues as
well as strategic processes and models for F/OSS development.  Particular
attention will be paid to development models that focus on end-users and the
support of sustainable developer communities. And of course, developers will
get to show each other the latest and greatest in F/OSS technology and
trends, in a setting designed to maximize discussion and networking

A substantial portion of the gathering will be devoted to shared  sessions
bringing implementers and developers together for discussion, brainstorming,
alliance building and visioning for the future.

The sessions and content will evolve based on the input of participants
And facilitators in the weeks leading up to camp as we strive to create the
Most effective and valuable of all possible gatherings. However, all changes
will continue to reflect the intended outcomes of the camp's agenda.

Summer Source is jointly organized by Tactical Technology Collective
Amsterdam and Multimedia Institute Croatia. It is funded by the Information
Program of the Open Society Institute.

About the Tactical Technology Collective

Tactical Tech stands at the crossroads of the NGO and technology sectors.
Through building links between them, we aim to help establish an
accessible baseline of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) needed
by all NGOs (i.e. if applicable computers, internet access, e-mail, mobile
communications, etc.) and their integration beyond rudimentary usage
into an integrated strategic tool for planning, advocacy & campaigning.

We do this through promoting the use of low-cost and "no-cost" technology,
free and open-source software, community based expertise and consultancy to
strengthen civil-society organizations and networks. Through our work we
hope to show how ICTs can mobilize and activate people divided by geography,
economical status and divisive histories. Through our past experiences there
are three significant areas through which new technologies can most
appropriately address some of the major problems faced by the non-profit
sector. Our work, therefore, primarily focusses on these interrelated areas:
the local NGO technology sector, the development of tools and materials, and
the application of these within transnational issue networks.

Multimedia Institute (www.mi2.hr)

Multimedia Institute - mi2 is a citizen association, non-profit,
non-governmental organization founded in mid 1999 as a spin-off project
of Open Society Institute Croatia (actually it's former Internet program),
with the aim to promote and educate in new technologies and new media
culture, working predominantly in the fields of new media culture, digital
technology R&D&D (research/development/deployment), social activism,
cultural management (policy, advocacy and networking).

In response to the present needs and interests of its members, mi2
transformed from a narrow educational/service project into an organisation
that carries out a wide range of independent projects and programs based
(mostly) at the location of net.culture club "mama" (from May 2000) and
mi2lab (from spring 2002).

Through the concept of net.culture, mi2 promotes different approaches
to the issues raised by new technologies, media and contemporary culture, by
bringing together civil (activists), tactical media and art scene.
Through the project of networking with similar cyber caffes, independent
Cultural centers and public initiatives that reflect on these issues, we
want to promote new cultural policy that makes use of the amplifying effect
Imbodied in information technologies and new media, but also human resources
into efficient networking.

During the year 2000 and especially after the opening of the "mama"
club, Multimedia Institute brought together a 6 full-time members team (6
full-time employed, 5 person on honoraria) and approx. 10 part-time
associates. The increased number of active members and collaborators
leads to an increased number of activities and creation of new projects for
which we hope to spin-off in the future.

"These guys are on top of all things cool, and your first second inside
will tell you this is true. The music is delirious, and a young and hip
crowd of eclectic and curious characters display faces that appear
especially insightful. Expect interesting conversation, great music,
internet, drinks and multi-media showings that will get that brain of yours
tuned into alarger terrain of consideration. Phenomenal."

Those wishing to attend Summer Source are asked to complete an
Application form. These applications will help us in selecting a diverse and
passionate group of people working on F/OSS solutions for NGO's.

Deadline for applications is 17th July, 2003

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