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Fri Jul 4 22:39:35 CEST 2003



320x240 video lab.camp.event

DATES: 07. - 12.08.2003.

LOCATION: island of Vis (the most remote point of civilisation in the
Croatian sea), former Yugoslav army complex (about 5000 square meters) with
several small amphitheatres, underground tunnels and a lot of palm trees to
make you feel like you are in Cuba.

THE MAIN GOAL: to VJ, most definitely, but also to "get the picture" -
literally, where the video forms are heading and how are they merging in new
art forms.

WAY TO REACH THE GOAL: set up small, international, lab.camp.event of
performers, programmers, developers, theoreticians and users in visual
environment of palm trees and the sea offcourse. than see what happens

the island itself will probably provoke some easy going fantasies, and
sitting in the shades of the palm trees is definitely the best way to come
up with new answers to old questions:
where theory meets practise and vice versa...
is there criticism in VJ-ing or everything goes...
what's the level of unification in the content due to software
programming as a vj tool...
pixels as a socio-political context...
content or skill...
who is the author and where is the ship...

all that through presentations, lectures, discussions and hopefully active
knowledge exchange.

music will be colourful, electronic, inspirative as always, some of it live,
some prerecorded.
a lot of music and video will be free as in free speech and some softwares

bring your beloved gadget or person to participate, perform and show "what's
it all about", we already have 8 projectors, several video mixers, and a lot
of cables lined up... see you there...

more info: goo at mi2.hr


cu there


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