[artinfo] Break 2.2 Festival: submission deadline extended

Adele Eisenstein adele@caesar.elte.hu
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:38:58 +0100 (MET)

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From: info@break-festival.org

Artists from various fields of art can submit their proposals to the Break 2.2 
Festival call for applications til February 15, 2003. Theme of the festival 
is 'Invisible Threat'.
Information: www.break-festival.org

Ljubljana (Slovenia), January 14, 2003: Zavod K6/4, organiser of the 7th 
international festival of young emerging artists Break 2.2 (previously called 
Break 21 Festival) has announced that deadline for submission of  proposals to 
the call for applications is extended til February 15, 2003. Selection results 
will be published on the festival web site presumably in the end of March 2003. 
All applying artists will also be notified about the decision concerning their 
application personally.

Break 2.2 Festival, which will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from June 17 
til 28, includes the following categories: visual arts (comics, graphic prints, 
digital prints, photographs, interactive works, visual communication -
'subvertising', computer-assisted art - from web art to robotics); performing 
arts; intermedia arts; moving pictures (films of all categories: documentaries, 
fiction, video art, animated films, experimental films, short films); music and 
sound (concerts, sound installations and intermedia performances in which sound 
holds the priority); architecture; applied arts (including fashion); and 
culinary arts. Conditions for participation are quality of the project and its 
correspondence with the chosen theme; there is no age limit. The festival will 
present some special guests (world-acclaimed artists) and its important 
component will also be a symposium on the chosen theme ('Invisible Threat') 
with lectures by invited artists and scientists from different fields.

For further information (including description of the mentioned theme and on-
line application form), see web page: www.break-festival.org.