[artinfo] Project Babylonia

Misko mpandil@soros.org.mk
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 15:49:24 +0100

Ez a projekt m=E1r magyarul is l=E9tezik:

=E9s magyarul is lehet beadni irodalmat, irasat...

Dear friend,

We are happy to inform you that Project BABYLONIA started few days ago.
Web site is available at http://www.babylonia.com.mk in 10 languages.
We are adding new languages as they come.

What is Babylonia:
Babylonia will be a CD-ROM with a significant number of e-books in variety=
of languages.
A minimum of 50 e-books is the initial target, with an open possibility to=
this number based on the interest of the authors.
25 e-books are already published at: http://www.e-books.com.mk
access to contents is free.

Please spread the word about this project and feel free to suggest authors=
from your country / region.
Resend this message to whom you may find concerned (authors, publishers,=20
translators, readers...)

Best regards,
Igor Isakovski, Blesok