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Total Recall
CESTA's 9th Arts Festival of International, Interdisciplinary
August 2003

History or story. True or False.
Manufactured, manipulated, mutated, borrowed, stolen, masked,
censored, altered.
Empowering, enlightening, protecting, owned, revealing, conclusive,
Remembered or Forgotten?
Are those who forget the past condemned to repeat it?
Do we 'endure the burden of the past'1 with 'the charitable
deceptions of nostalgia'2?

We access memory and replicate it in different ways. The ways
that we choose to represent what we remember or forget,
consciously or subconsciously, have broad collective as well as
personal ramifications. Through monuments and architecture,
rituals and religion, oral traditions and legends, even diaries and
psychoanalysis, we witness remembering and forgetting defined.

1, 2 Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera  p.106

For Total Recall, we invite applicants to address memory, ours and
Ours, to investigate how we represent and interpret it.

CESTA's festival themes and parameters of cross-national
interdisciplinary collaborations represent the center's commitment
to improving communication through creative expression. We base
our selection of artists on a review of applications resulting from our
annual open call. Applicants request CESTA to connect them with
collaboration partners or apply as a pre-formed collaboration group.
For Total Recall all final festival collaboration groups must be:

1) Cross-national: more than one nationality
2) Interdisciplinary: more than one artistic medium
3) Collaborative: conceptualizing and creating interdependent
artistic work
4) work created exclusively for Total Recall
5) artists with experience in artistic collaboration

If you have a group, which fits the above parameters, you may
qualify to apply as a Pre-formed collaboration group. Details for
applying as a Pre-formed collaboration group are on the application

Festival Application Deadline: January 31, 2003

Final presentations of the collaboration groups: August 22-24
On-site collaborations in progress: August 1-21
Meet the Artists - presentations of participants' past work: August
Seminars, workshops and educational programs on the festival
theme: August 10-18
Daily reviews of the presentations: August 23-25

For an Open Call Application Form or more information, please visit
our website or contact us at:

Nov=E1kova 387
39001 T=E1bor CZ
420 381 258 004 phone/fax

Novakova 387, Tabor 39001, Czech Republic
tel: +420-381-258-004
email: cesta@mbox.vol.cz