[artinfo] Engine 27 public call for sounds

Iviva Olenick io@engine27.org
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 13:47:00 +0100

Public call for contributions towards
the 50th Anniversary presentation of John Cage's Williams Mix
 Larry Austin's Williams [re]Mix[...stallation]=20
 to be presented at Engine 27, NYC in March 2003
Engine 27 and composer Larry Austin invite all composers, musicians and=
 practitioners of electroacoustic and computer music, sonic art, New Music,=
 New Media, and sound design to participate, via the web, in the Williams [r=
e]Mix[...stallation]: a 50th Anniversary Celebration of John Cage's Williams=
 Public call for sounds: city; country; electronic; manually produced; wind=
 produced; small, which need to be amplified. Call ends midnight, March 16, =
 Go to http://engine27.org/williamsmix.html to upload your sound files, for=
 more information and for a brief history of Williams Mix.
 Saturday, March 22, 2003, marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere=
 performance of John Cage's Williams Mix (1951-53) for eight monaural=
 magnetic tapes, the first octophonic tape music composition in the world,=
 created and performed with eight speakers surrounding the audience. To=
 celebrate this historic piece and its first performance 50 years ago,=
 Austin will create the Williams [re]Mix[...stallation], a continuously=
 performing octophonic sound installation to be installed at Engine 27,=
 implemented with Austin's recently developed Williams [re]Mix[er]=
 (1997-2001), an interactive I Ching composing program. The program, in=
 operation, creates ever-newer versions and realizations of Cage's original=
 work, calling on a recorded sound library of hundreds of sounds. The=
 program's functionality is modeled on the compositional processes used by=
 Cage to create his Williams Mix, these processes extrapolated and applied=
 from Austin's analyses of Cage's 192-page score, his sketches, and the=
 eight monaural, analog tapes for the piece.
 Since first starting the project, Austin has continued to collect sounds=
 for the recorded library of sounds (ranging from 20 to 120 seconds each)=
 according to Cage's six sound categories of city (A), country (B),=
 electronic (C), manually produced (D), wind produced (E), and small sounds=
 (F). =20
 From February 14 to March 16, 2003, everyone is invited to upload=
 soundfiles, via the web for inclusion in the library to be used during the=
 new multiple Williams [re]Mix[ed] realizations to be played during the inst=
Guidelines for contributing sounds

 1. Sounds should be contributed as stereo, 44.1K, 16bit, aiff or wave=
 format soundfiles.
 2. Sounds should be from 20 to 120 seconds in duration.
 3. Each soundfile sent should be labeled by the contributor and placed in=
 the correct folder or directory according to Cage's categories of city (A),=
 country (B), electronic (C), manually produced (D), wind produced (E),=
 and/or small sounds, which need to be ampified (F) and include the author's=
 name or 'tag' and a number signifying how many files you've contributed to=
 the category. The contributor decides which category the sound(s) belong(s)=
 4. Go to: http://engine27.org/williamsmix.html=20
 Engine 27's Williams [re]Mix[...stallation] presentation dates: Saturday &=
 Sunday, 2-8pm, March 22, 23, 29, 30
 opening reception: Saturday, March 22, 6-8pm, address: 173 Franklin St.=
 (btwn. Hudson & Greenwich)
 Much more information at http://engine27.org
 Please forward this announcement to all who might be interested.
 To be added or removed from Engine 27's email list please go to: http://64.=