[artinfo] Fwd: WEB3DART 2004 CALL FOR ENTRIES

melentie mpandil at soros.org.mk
Fri Dec 19 11:49:07 CET 2003

>From: <karel at vgtv.com>
>To: <info at web3dart.org>
>Subject: from Karel Dudesek, please can you distribute this through your 
>channels, thanks
>Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 23:53:23 -0000
>DEADLINE: Monday, 19 January 2004
>Submit your on-line 3D works to WEB3DART 2004, for inclusion in an
>exhibition of completely new works created by internationally regarded
>artists, architects, designers, students and creative 3D developers. The
>selection will showcase the foremost ideas and independent creations in all
>on-line 3D formats. Submission form is available at: http://www.web3dart.org
>WEB3DART 2004-  will premiere at the 9th International Conference on 3D Web
>Technology - Web3D 2004 Symposium Dates: April 5-8, 2004 Monterey,
>California, USA  For more information: http://www.web3d.org/s2004/index.html
>The selected works for WEB3DART 2004 will be also featured at the SIGGRAPH
>2004 in the Art Gallery between 8. -12. August 2004 in Los Angeles,
>California, USA.
>The outstanding success of the 1999 VRML ART show in Paderborn; the 2000
>VRML-ART Expo at the SIGGRAPH ART SHOW in New Orleans, WEB3D ART 2002 at The
>ICA London, the WEB3D ART 2003 in St.Malo and the Lab3D show at Cournerhouse
>in Manchester, have created a positive anticipation to the upcoming
>selection for WEB3DART 2004.
>All work will be juried on-line and must be viewable on free browsers
>(available on-line).
>Send URL with application form, found at: http://www.web3dart.org to:
>info at web3dart.org
>Deadline is January 19, 2004. Only on-line submissions will be accepted.
>ALL questions regarding submission procedure, gallery exhibition, or the
>jury process should be directed to Karel Dudesek info at web3dart.org, through
>January 19. 2004.
>A signed release giving written authorization to link your work on-line, and
>copyright clearance for the Web 3D Symposium and SIGGRAPH CD ROM and
>Catalogue, must be received before you work will be confirmed in the
>program. This authorization form will be made available to the final,
>selected projects.
>Keywords for the selection are art and design, imagination, and innovation.
>All 3D on-line projects must be complete and functional at time of
>submission.  The selection will be made on-line by a jury - listed in the
>submission form.
>We will only accept applications which send attached to there application
>form by e-mail a short project description maximum 15 lines and 1-3 screen
>shots JPG 500x 300 - minimum 72 DPI of your work.
>CATEGORIES (the jury reserves the right to assign or reassign a category):
>- Artists and architects
>- Scientific models
>- Multi-user Worlds
>- Product design and unique commercial applications
>- Experimental works and studies by art and design students

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