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The Utopian World Championship 2004!
Call for Participation, 14/12/2003

You are invited to participate in The Utopian World Championship, a
worldwide competition in visionary thinking, open for everyone! Go to
http://www.soc.nu/utopian today to enter the championship. Deadline for
entry is on January 31, 2004 and Deadline for submission of proposals on
April 30. You can win 1000 Euro and get your proposal spread to heads of
state and other institutions and NGO's all over the world.

How to compete? The proposals are submitted as essays, written in English
and an optional second language if desired. Submit your proposal at the
web site http://www.soc.nu/utopian where you'll also find the complete
rules and the course of the competition. The competing essays are judged
by the public and a panel composed of professionals and experts
representing a broad range of perspectives.

The web site also contains information about the UWC world tour, articles
on utopian matters, a downloadable final document, public foray and lots
of other interesting stuff. Here you can discuss and exchange your ideas
with people from all over the world and read the entries from 2001 when
T.R.O.Y. won the first prize with his essay "A New World Disorder".

The Utopian World Championship is arranged by SOC.Stockholm, a non-profit
and politically independent organisation for experimental and social art
that was founded in 1999. SOC.Stockholm is generously supported by The
Foundation for Future Culture (www.framtidenskultur.se) and the City of
Stockholm. Visit http://www.soc.nu for detailed information.

If you have further questions you are warmly welcome to contact Annika
Drougge: +46 8 718 28 75, annika at soc.nu or Jon Brunberg: +46 8 6421571,
jon at soc.nu. Please feel free to forward this call for participation to
anyone that you believe might be interested to participate.

Yours sincerely
Jon Brunberg and Annika Drougge
Members of SOC.Stockholm and Project Managers for the Utopian W.C.

SOC.Stockholm, Bondegatan 64, S-116 34 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: +46 8 640
98 07, e-mail: info at soc.nu, web: http://www.soc.nu

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