[artinfo] Call to Artists and other Regular People

Kanarinka kanarinka at ikatun.com
Mon Dec 8 17:36:52 CET 2003

Please contribute to my new project: "public alley 818, Boston, MA, USA"
- http://www.ikatun.com/k/publicalley818/

"public alley 818" is an urban intervention (It intervenes right into 
an alley near my house). Recently I have begun exploring questions of 
potentiality, play and public space through the creation of 
Fluxus/Ono-like scores. In this project, I would like you to 
contribute the instruction pieces and I will carry (some of) them out 
in public alley 818 in Boston.

I would like to invite you all to take a moment to dream up an 
instruction piece for public alley 818 in Boston, MA, USA.

Here's how it works:

1) You submit an instruction piece here:

2) All instruction pieces are published in the Gallery of Instructions
here: http://www.ikatun.com/k/publicalley818/submitted.php

3) Then I choose which pieces to enact (and how many different versions to
enact) and those go in the Gallery of Enactments:

Thanks in advance for your participation/collaboration!

best wishes,

ps: please report any bugs to me!

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