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How Can YOU Resist?:

LA Freewaves 9th Celebration of Experimental Media Arts

Accepting applications beginning January 1, 2004.

Postmark Deadline: February 15, 2004.

The month-long showcase will present experimental media art from around the

world in culturally distinct downtown Los Angeles venues in November 2004.

Media art works include experimental video and film (narrative, documentary,

art, animation, etc.), CD-ROMs, DVDs, websites, multimedia performances and

installations, video billboards, youth media, community media activities and

others.  Works from the festival will also appear on public television,

cable stations and video-streamed on the Internet. Competitive selection

process will be conducted by a group of international and local curators

with diverse specialties and backgrounds. Notification of acceptance is in

July 2004.  Artist payments will be $100-300 for selected works. See

<A HREF="http://www.freewaves.org">www.freewaves.org</A> for more information.

How to Enter:

… Work must be completed since January 1, 2001.

… Entries must be postmarked to LAF by February 15, 2004.

… Entries must include a $15 entry fee.  Entry fee waived for members (new

membership is $25).  Entry fee scholarships available by request for

students, international applicants and others with financial need. For fee

waiver, please write a brief explanation of need to request fee scholarship

and attach it to the entry form.

… Include a completed entry form (see below or website at

<A HREF="http://www.freewaves.org">www.freewaves.org</A>).

… Label entries with title, artist's name, length, date of work and format.

… Include a resume or bio.

… For websites, indicate URL address on application form.

… For installation proposals, include additional description and


… Include self-addressed stamped envelope for return of work, if you are in



Entry Form
How Can YOU Resist?: LA Freewaves 9th Celebration of Experimental Media Arts

(Please type or print legibly and or download a PDF file from <A 
HREF="http://www.freewaves.org">www.freewaves.org</A> lower front page)

Artist Name:

Street Address:

City, State and Zip Code:


Email Address:

Phone Number:


Title of Entry 1:

Description of Work/Date of Work:


Running Time:   ________


Title of Entry 2:

Description of Work/Date of Work:


Running Time:   ________


Title of Entry 3:

Description of Work/Date of Work:


Running Time:   ________


For format, indicate: -DVD -Mini DV -VHS -CD-ROM -Website (Indicate URL)

-Multimedia Performance (explain) -Silent Video Billboard -Other (explain)

Do you agree to include work/streaming video on our website if work is

selected?   Yes   No

(See 2002 festival website at <A 
HREF="http://www.freewaves.org/festival_2002/index.html">www.freewaves.org/festival_2002/index.html</A> as

an example.)

Entry Type:   ___Standard ($15)   or   ___Member (Entry fee free with $25


With membership, you support our programs so that we can continue to promote

and exhibit innovative new media art during this difficult time.  LA

Freewaves is a nonprofit organization which survives on grants and

donations.  Members will receive periodic e-newsletters with resource

information for media artist, a festival poster and free entry to opening.

__ No, I don't want to enter the festival, but sign me up for membership --

LA Freewaves rocks!! (Please indicate name, physical address and email

address on form above for membership.)

Make check or money order payable to LA Freewaves.  Enclose resume/bio and

SASE.  For questions and entries, contact Anne Bray at <A 
HREF="mailto:anne at freewaves.org">anne at freewaves.org</A> or

LA Freewaves
2151 Lake Shore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90039  USA

tele (323) 664-1510
<A HREF="http://www.freewaves.org">www.freewaves.org</A>

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