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Trebor Scholz treborscholz at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 2 18:15:48 CET 2003

Call for Submissions

The facilitators of the conference "networks, art & collaboration" now
invite submissions for in-person and web-based participation in the
"networks, art & collaboration" conference, April 24/25, 2004 at The State
University of New York at Buffalo. In addition, we now invite texts for
publication in a magazine that will be made available at the conference
(see call for texts on website).


This conference on collaboration will bring together artists, designers,
(social) scientists, and engineers in formats such as workshops, lectures,
open mic, parties, screenings, interviews, brain storming sessions, and
artist presentations  all aiming at ongoing collaborations and exchange of
knowledge. The aim of the conference is to get a deeper understanding of the
dynamics of collaboration, models of critical web-based art, and the role
media technologies play in the making of social networks. The event seeks
ways to go beyond the outmoded top-down conference format and intends to
experiment with alternative forms of interactive presentations and debate.
Dance, discuss, eat, argue, laugh, learn, celebrate dissent, make new
friends, and meet future collaborators.

Proposal Deadline: January 20, 2004

You can propose an in-person contribution, or submit a proposal for
inclusion in the virtual meet space augmented by web-based presentations.

Who should participate?
We are seeking contributions from researchers and practitioners (academia,
music, activism, art, technology, ...) focusing on collaboration. We
encourage individuals and groups who are historically underrepresented in
these fields to contribute. Submit either individually or team up in a

In-Person Formats:
Some possible forms of participation in person include:
brainstorming sessions, interventions and presentations, demos, workshops,
panels, dance party, *no lectures.*

Virtual Participation Formats:
Some possible forms of mediated participation include weblog, wiki,
mailinglist, webcast, video conference.

Submissions (in person and virtual) are in the following suggested sessions:

Track I:
Tech skill exchange: peer 2 peer, open source/ free software movement, tools
for collaboration/ tutorials, workshops

Track II:
Models of online cultural production models of critical web-based art/
distributed creativity multi-user games, collaborative novel writing/

Track III:
Network architectures (lists, blogs and the quest for meaning),  e-learning,
class room collaboration in new media education

Track IV:
Global social movements / participatory cultures

Track V:
The high art of collaboration (challenges of collaboration), metaphors of
collaboration (family, friendship), scalability

Do you apply to participate in-person or as part of the Virtual Meetspace?

Which track do you apply to?

Would you like to contribute in-person or as part of the virtual meetspace?

Which format would suit your contribution best?
(ie. brainstorming sessions, artist presentation, interventions and
roundtable presentations, demos, workshops, panels, dance party, *no

With your proposal submit a 250 word biography.

Please also include relevant links.

Deadline: January 20, 2004

Send proposals to:
Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Trebor Scholz treborscholz at earthlink.net

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