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"Four Events That Have Led to Large Discoveries" (19 September 1994)
by Merce Cunningham

Artist-tutorial.net is a monthly online periodical that intends to offer a
collection of art tutorials writed by artists themselves as technical guide
to the process of artistic creation.
In order to know how artistic creativity is expressed through the matter and
technical practices coming from computer or scientific disciplines.

[Tutorial and artwork]

Whichever location in space and time the artwork may assume, the analysis
of tutorial is based on the initial creation, the set of executed signs and
sounds or the set of instructions to execute that generate the set of
copies, of performances, the set of data transmissions or executions.
The artwork belonging to digital arts of reproduction and to digital
performing arts or belonging to the arts of communication and software
cannot in fact be identified in an object but in the initial creation.
What the philosopher Richard Wollheim calls "type", that is, the piece of
human invention from which the particulars or "tokens" are generated.

[Tutorial and artistic techniques]

The technical narration of tutorial describes the art mediated by the
material process of informatic techniques recognized as artistic practices.
It provides the possibility to read how the matter acquires the aesthetic
properties or itself becomes an aesthetically relevant property.
Moreover, the opportunity to investigate the initial creation discovers new
forms of digital matter notation, new writings of digital material
processes. However, according to the artistic genre and author's intentions,
the artist tutorial can appear as an essay or a pure tutorial, as a diagram,
a sketch by hand, as an exposition of code fragments with or without
descriptive comment or else as a photo or screenshot documentation.

The first issue relates the form of new dance notation. A digital dance in
the initial creation, explained in the use by a revolutionary Maestro of the
choreography: Merce Cunningham.


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