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Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Mon Aug 18 17:42:29 CEST 2003

>[here's news from armenia; utopiana have been doing projects there for a 
>while, the website is a good entry into their activities; the link 
>immediately below is for a discussion transcript about contemporary art 
>and culture in armenia and its relation to europe; -a]
>In the context of the exhibition "The Body's Environment. Genetically
>Utopiana announces its 2nd edition of the Utopian Encounters of Yerevan on
>the following topic:
>"The body and its needs"
>Invited lecturers
>Genevieve Azam (Economist, University of Toulouse 2):
>     Needs and merchandizing of the bodies. The Body "Beyond any Price"
>Renaud Barbaras (Philosopher, University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne):
>     The Discovery of the Body in the French Philosophy
>Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen (Art Historian, Aarhus, Danemark)
>     'There's life after birth': Internationale situationniste between
>recuperation and appropriation
>Simon Lamuniere (Curator and artist, Geneva)
>     The Habitable Image. Multiple Versions
>Bruno Vayssiere (Historian of architecture, director of the Fondation
>Braillard Architectes, Geneva)
>     The Relations between art & architecture from 1950 to 1990

>In relation with the 2nd edition of the  Utopian encounters,
>Utopiana announces the implementation of its 3rd project in 3 years:
>- "The Body's Environment. Genetically modifiable", exhibition in and about
>the City of Yerevan
>Peter Aerschmann (Bern)
>Karen Andreasian (Yerevan)
>Mher Azatian (Yerevan)
>Anna Barseghian (Geneva)
>Didier Fiuza Faustino (Paris)
>Ulrich Fischer (Geneva)
>Thierry Fontaine (La Réunion)
>Marcos Grigorian (Garni)
>Hamlet Hovsepian (Achnak)
>Grigor Khachatrian (Yerevan)
>Azat Sargsian (Yerevan)
>Harutiun Simonian (Yerevan)
>Curators: Anna Barseghian, Nazareth Karoyan
>Places: Downtown Yerevan, Museum-Institute of Architecture
>Dates: 8-12 september 2003
>Opening on september 12
>Information: Nazareth Karoyan
>mailto:nare at arminco.com / +374 1 264619

>More information on our website:

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