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Norvégiai médiamuvészeti rezidencia-lehetoség

A NIFCA MEDIA AiR 2004 program keretében 2004 folyamán egy magyar 
médiamuvészt várnak rezidenciára a norvégiai Bergenbe.
Fogado szervezet: BEK - Bergen Center for Electronic Arts
A pályázat bekuldésének határideje 2003 szeptember 30.
A pályázatokat e-mailen és postai úton is (mindketton!) várják a NIFCA cimére

NIFCA Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art
Suomenlinna B 28, FIN-00190 Helsinki, Finland
Juha Huuskonen  program coordinator
Tel. +358 9 686 430
Fax +358 9 668 594
residencies at nifca.org

A jelentkezési lap megtalálható a NIFCA weboldalán, ugyanitt a palyazati 
feltételekrol és a program nyujtotta lehetetoségekrol is találhato informacio.


alább a felhivas teljes szovege és a bergeni BEK rovid bemutatása.

NIFCA MEDIA AiR 2004 is a residency program dedicated
for media artists. The program provides possibilities
for artists to develop diverse media art projects.
Each residency is realised in collaboration with
a local organisation with expertise in certain
areas of media art. The organisations provide the
technical facilities for the artist and help the
artist’s work with their local contacts and know-how.
The deadline for applications is 30 September 2003!

All the residencies include:
- Free accommodation
- Studio or access to work space
- A monthly grant of 840 EURO
- Various opportunities for getting involved
in local activities
More information:
For further information check www.nifca.org
or contact the project coordinator Mitro Kaurinkoski,
+358 9 686 43 105, residencies at nifca.org.
MEDIA AiR is a NIFCA program designed by Juha Huuskonen.


Hosting organisation: BEK - Bergen Center for Electronic Arts + Hordaland 

C. Sundsgt. 55
N-5004 Bergen
Phone: (+47) 55 23 30 80
Web: www.bek.no
Mail: bek at bek.no
Trond Lossius: lossius at bek.no
Gisle Frøysland: gif at bek.no
Ellen Røed: ink at bek.no

BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, is a non-profit organization 
situated in Bergen, Norway, providing resources and knowledge for artists 
and others working in the field of arts and new technology.
BEK was established in 1999 and officially opened in 2000. As a part of the 
national network of electronic art (PNEK), BEK is one of 4 main centres for 
new media art in Norway.
BEK functions as a media lab assisting artists working with digital media 
and hosts web servers for the use of artists and artistic projects. BEK 
initiates and assists projects investigating and using new technology in 
original and innovative ways.
BEK functions as a research centre in close collaboration with other 
research institutions in Bergen, the rest of Norway and abroad. Topics of 
interest are e.g. digital signal processing as related to processing of 
sound and image, applied use of digital signal processing, sensor 
techniques, robotics, aesthetics and art philosophy. BEK emphasizes 
research related to multidisciplinary topics.
Raising the level of knowledge concerning art and new technology is a major 
concern. BEK collaborates with the Bergen Academy of Fine Arts and the 
Grieg Academy on a number of courses for their students. This way, the 
study of electronic arts becomes a part of a formalized art education. The 
collaboration between BEK, Bergen Academy of Fine Arts and the Grieg 
Academy also raises interesting possibilities of cross-topic and 
cross-field education.
In addition BEK offers a number of independent workshops for artists, 
covering various topics of interest.
Check out http://www.bek.no/projektor for more info on current and past events.
BEK is sponsored by the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs and the 
Municipality of Bergen.

Facilities available for the artist
BEK will provide an office space with a PC  or Mac and a 2 Mbit 
net-connection for the use of the artist. In addition, the artist will have 
free access to the rest of our facilities, only restricted by the 
demands  of other users. The media lab consists of a sound studio with 
Pro-tools, a video studio with Matrox Digisuite DTV and a DVD burner, and a 
worklab with several Macs and Pcs for general use. Other hardware like 
video projectors, cameras, VCRs, scanners, CD-burners will also be 
available. See http://www.bek.no/lab for a full list of equipment.
Most of the BEKlab PCs have both Windows and Linux OS installed, and for 
the Macs we will slowly be moving to OSX. In addition to a general set of 
software for sound/image/web, we also have licences for more specialised 
programs like Max/Nato.
Software and software extensions are developed for specific projects, or 
generalized for a wider possibility of uses. Development is done in close 
relation to art and research projects carried out at BEK. In general, 
software developed at BEK is to be open-sourced.

Activities where artist can get involved
One of the main focus areas at BEK is development and exploration of soft- 
and hardware for real-time manipulation of digital media. We have arranged 
a number of workshops and events in this field. Currently the main project 
is the development of a  Linux-based vj-tool called MøB 
Another area is the artistic exploration of streaming media. We host 
servers for Real and Quicktime media, and an Icecast netradio server. We 
also collaborate with groups like Motherboard and pilota.fm in live 
streaming events.
BEK would like to organise public presentations and screenings of the 
artists' work. Possibly in collaboration with the Bergen Academy of Fine 
Arts and the Grieg Academy.

A few words about the local new media / art / culture scene
The new media art scene in Norway has developed enormously over the last 
couple of years. Government funding has led to the establishment of 
institutions like PNEK (http://www.pnek.no) and Artnet Norway 
(http://www.kunst.no). There is also a growing number of exhibitions and 
festivals focusing on electronic art.
BEK cooperates with festivals, galleries, institutions, etc. in order to 
get new media art displayed to the public in a number of ways, such as 
exhibitions, installations and concerts.  In Bergen we co-initiated and 
helped to build up Landmark (http://www.lmark.no), which is a club/room for 
new media run by Bergen Kunsthall (http://www.kunsthall.no).

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