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WINK (Wired Innovative Naughty Kids) AWARDS 2003: Call for Entries
ENTRIES DUE: 15th August
ONLINE: http://www.biftek.com/awards/index.html
SNAIL: PO Box 2305, Fitzroy MDC, Vic 3065 AUSTRALIA
Enter the Third Place Gallery now if you have new or old digital art
work/web sites that is waiting to be rewarded/commissioned. Just log-in and
upload/link it and you will be part of the short list for getting 2000 Euro
as well as representation in the Swedish art collection at Liljevalchs.
The Hague, The Netherlands
Europa Nostra
ISEA2004: The 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art
Heidelberg, Germany
International Media-Art-Festival offering students from all over the world a stage to present to the public their experimental projects from the departments 'interactive art', 'room installation', 'video art' and 'computerinstallation'.
All students from the departments media art,video,film and design can participate but have to submit the documentation of their projects or the projects itself on VHS or DVD.
contact at react-festival.de
Los Angeles, USA
Sundance Institute
Sundance Film Festival
Call for submissions
International Narrative Feature Film
festivalinfo at sundance.org
Vienna, Austria
KulturKontakt Austria
Henkel Arts Prize for Photography and Henkel Young Artists Prize – “Artists-in-Residence” programme of KulturKontakt Austria
kultur at kulturkontakt.or.at
New York, USA
CEC International Partners
ArtsLink is accepting applications from artists and arts managers in Central/Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia for Residencies and Independent Projects in the United States.
Bilbao, Spain
from Friday 23rd to Friday 30th of April
Fundación Bilbao Arte Fundazioa
Ciber at RT Bilbao 2004, International Festival of New Technologies, Art and Communication
Challenges for a Ubiquitous Identity
Lublin, Poland
Majdanek Museum
Majdanek 2004
Competition of works of art produced on paper, adopting one of the following techniques: graphics, drawing or photography.
August, 20 - final dedline for 2nd international poetic film festival
W O R D I N M O T I O N !!!
organised by "Orbita" - group of Russian poets, based in Riga, Latvia!
First festival took place in 2001, film screenings were organised in
Kinogalerija (http://www.kinogalerija.lv) cinema and on TV tower!
more info at:
Performance Studies international #10

The Organizing Committee of Performance Studies international #10 invites proposals for papers/presentations to be given at the conference Perform: State: Interrogate: which will take place from 15 to 18 June 2004 in Singapore. PSi has become internationally recognized for creating an opportunity for dialogue among artists and academics in a variety of disciplines whose concerns converge in the still-evolving areas of performance research and practice.Proposal for Papers is downloadable from the conference website.
inquiries at singaporepsi.org

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