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ErõssNikolett nikol at c3.hu
Tue Apr 22 17:20:45 CEST 2003

>Dear Artist,
>This is a CALL FOR REGISTRATION in our new Artists In Labs DATABASE. By
>registering now you can be part of the first call for grant applications.
>We are pleased to inform you about a new and exciting program entitled
>Artists in Swiss Science Labs (AIL) which is hosted by the Hochschule
>für Gestaltung und Kunst (Academy of Art and Design) Zurich,
>Switzerland.  www.artistinlabs.ch. This is a funded program offering
>artists the chance work collaboratively in a Swiss science laboratory
>for a three to six-month period. The AIL program can help you to both
>explore and be inspired by the current scientific, technological and
>cultural developments of the 21st century.
>Our main aim is to create new levels of creativity, innovation,
>collaboration and communication.
>What can an artist get out of the AIL program? We hope that the AIL
>program will offer artists some or all of the following:
>-Access to unique scientific research environments. Here you may be able
>to share both the quest for interpretations of nature, matter and human
>desire, as well as the interest to comprehend, explore, reveal, sustain,
>create and build.
>-Assist you in the production of new works, material applications,
>prototypes and conceptual processes, allowing you to learn about
>scientific information on a national and international level.
>-An opportunity to learn about the nature of physical and psychological
>space, the working methods and processes involved in the process of
>?doing science?.
>-A more creative attitude towards critical scientific issues and ethical
>debates. Both the natural sciences and the information sciences not only
>offer us new materials and techniques, but also strange metaphors and
>ethical controversies.
>-The sharing of common goals and opportunity to broaden your dialogue
>with informational, cultural or natural science. It may help you
>generate new ideas or raise others awareness about the larger challenges
>of our time.
>-It may also help you to develop a more trans-disciplinary approach.
>2. There are several Artist/science collaborations that have produced
>exciting work. As a reference we have included the following links:
>The Exploratorium in San Francisco has had an artist in residence
>program for over twenty-five years:
>   Xerox Parc- They have run an artist in residence program for
>information science and media artists for five Years.
>Serendipity is an ongoing artist is residence program for the placement
>of Artists in Australian Science Labs. Organized by the Australian
>Network for Art and Technology. Australia. www.anat.org.au
>A collaboration between artists and physicists recently occurred in the
>exhibition entitled The Signatures of the Invisible between CERN ? The
>European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva and The London Institute.
>MIT media lab is an ongoing artist in residence program. www.media.mit.edu
>3 What kind of scientific research can be offered by our current Swiss labs?
>Last year ten Swiss Science labs responded to a feasibility study we made,
>confirming  that they were extremely interested in hosting an artist for a
>residency program. These laboratories say they have responded because they
>not only wish to see and experience different interpretations and analysis
>of their own discoveries but also to collaborate in unorthodox ways with
>who can work with or interpret direct material applications. These Swiss
>Science labs range from natural science to information science, and include
>the following areas of applied and non-applied research:
>Artificial Life
>Computer Science
>Global Information Systems
>Interactive Sculpture
>Models of Communication and Abstraction
>Plant Cultures
>Scientific Visualization
>Solar Technology
>Synchrotron Light Research.
>So finally our www site is up and running. www.artistinlabs.ch
>As we are currently securing funding for material and living costs, it
>is really important to register with us now, so that you could be
>considered for our new program in the near future. Please make your
>registration through our web site and remember to include you area of
>scientific interest as well as the art medium in which you work. The
>main advantage of registration is that you will receive a newsletter and
>be able to download the application forms for the program.
>We look forward to hearing from you,
>Rene Stettler
>Juanita Miller
>Prof. Dr. Jill Scott
>Research Center- Art and Media
>Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst
>University of Art and Design
>Hafnerstrasse 31
>CH 8031 Zürich. Switzerland.
>tel +41 1 446 2655
>fax +41 1 446 2653

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