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Thu Apr 17 18:37:20 CEST 2003

7th international video festival videomedeja
April 25th - 27th Novi Sad

subject: videobeat
 >>>>>>>The videobeat term is correlated with many issues; in this case, it
refers to various analytical approaches to the theory of history and
development of video art. Videobeat is equally correlated to the future and
to the past; to the very beginnings, from the moment of technological
discovery of the image signal and its primary usage for military purposes,
and then, to the implications of further utilization and development on the
wider, sociological, political and ultimately cultural level. We observe the
effect of the video in the sense of a mediator, through all of its
transformations, from the instrument for objective conveyance of events and
situations, all the way to the almost revolutionary understanding of its
potentials for the most diverse visual expressions and experiments.
While moving forward the margins of perception and every day technology, the
video intentionally maintains the distance in relation with limitations
imposed by the language of the film, whereas the emphasis is still put on
freedom of choice and personal expression in circumstances of absolute
technological democracy.
The videobeat subject matter implies an effort to determine the status of
video art today, especially the position of this form in relation to other
forms of visual expression, as well as to the media resources which exist in
our immediate surrounding. One of the goals defined in this way is to answer
the exceedingly frequent questions of this field: Is this a transformation
of video art into a new form and how can we be sure that the transformation
is not going vice versa? What kind of new media is this about, what are the
new development trends? Is video disappearing, i.e. becoming lost in times
which promote pure digital forms? Most interesting is the question whether
the new media and the whole digital visual production are nothing but a very
logical progress of existing video aesthetics?

festival board
Vera Kopicl
Ivana Sremcevic
Zoran Pantelic
Dragan Zivancevic

festival director
Ivana Sremcevic

curator of the new media installations
Nina Czegledy

international jury
Sanja Ivekovic [Zagreb]
Milos Vojtechovsky [Prague]
Mileta Postic [Novi Sad]

office & audiovideobeat program
Nenad Kesic

design and multimedia
Igor 3funovic

technical services
Aleksandar Komnenovic
catalogue editor
Vladimir Tupanjac
Dragan Bozanic, Vladimir Bozovic
Silvija Camber
Aleksandar Jokic

The Sphynx main prize [monetary] for the best work among the selection of
The Bogdanka Poznanovic second prize for the best young author, production
of one work in VideoMedeja studio

friday april 25th; saturday april 26th; sunday April 27th
competitive program:

6 PM - 11PM
Gallery of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
video installation - performance
Canon on The Table [project kitchen 2000-]
Kaoru Motomiya [Japan]

6 PM - 11PM
CD ROM Service
KNOB: [monkey opera] 2002
Greg Daville [UK]

A is for Apple 2002
David Clark [Canada]

Vismus 2002
Jochen Peters [Germany]

Juvenate 2001
Michelle Glaser, Andrew Hutchison,  Marie-Louise Xavier [Australia]

virtOOal exhibition tOO:::: everything is a copy of a copy of a copy  2003
Zana Poliakov [SCG]

7PM - 11PM
Loby of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad
video installation
Solidarity; 2000; 1'30''
trace 1.1;  2001; 5'
Shopping List; 1999; 30''
Michelle Kasprzak [Canada]

non-competitive program:
7PM - 11PM
Katolicka porta [open air screenings]
Video Side Program
Annmarie Lanesey [USA];SunSations; 2001; 5'
Andrew Filippone Jr. [USA];Commute; 2003; 53'
Dennis Miller [USA] Vis A Vis; 2002; 9'10''
John Grzinich [USA] Retracing Faces; 2002; 3'18''
Nancy Atakan [Turkey] No more; 2002; 3'
Vasco Diogo [Portugal] Series Y; 2001; 24'30''
Sarah Skapin [USA] Artist as a Player; 2002; 3'30''
Oliver Pietsch [Germany] Heroes; 2001; 8'30''
Merilyn Fairskye [Australia] Connected; 2003; 25'
Robert Lisek [Poland] S[now]; 2002; 10'
Sergei Provorov & Galina Myznikova [Russia]; 20.21; 1999/2002;     15'35''
Vassiliea Stylianidou [Germany]; Do you want to kill me, Baby; 2002; 7' 4''
Georgia Damopolou [Greece] Avant-Premiere; 2002; 5' 40''
Uwe Pfizenmaier [Germany] Heart Piece; 2003; 7'45''
Ethem Ozguven [Turkey] Little Lake ; 2003; 3':45''
Timo Novotny [Austria] Can I get A Witness; 2003; 04:53

Friday April 25th

competitive program:

7PM - 11PM
video installation
Babel - On   2002/2003
Katherine Liberovskaya, Phill Niblock [Canada]

7 PM - 11 PM
Screening on the wall of the Serbian National Theatre
17 Stories   2001
Lala  Rascic [Croatia]

9 PM - 10:40 PM
Screening Room of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad
VideoBeat pt.1
screening program

Manuel Saiz [UK]: Video Hacking; 1999; 4'
Persijn Broersen, Margit Lukacs [Nederland]: Into Routine; 2002; 3' 5''
Aleksandar Rapic [SCG]: Folk Destruction; 2002; 4' 53''
Denis Connolly, Anne Cleary [France]: Scenes from the Boulevard; 2002; 5'
Eamon Little [Ireland]: Nobody Home; 2002; 3'
Myoung Woo Kim [Korea/UK]: A Meditation on Dialogue; 2003; 1'20''
Taro Takahashi [Japan]: A Letter from Mr.Konnyakuro; 2001; 3' 46''
Upasana Nattoji [India]: Myra; 2001; 4' 45''
Denis Connolly, Anne Cleary [France]: Scenes from the Boulevard; 2002; 5'
Alecks [Germany]: Liversausage Sweating Tapir; 2003; 1'17''
Nick Fox Gieg [USA]: Disarmed; 2002; 2'36''
Marius Dybwad Brandrud [Sweden]: The Balance is achieved when you have 3
points at least;
2002; 3' 10''
Christian Naujoks, Malte Lochstedt [Germany]: Ich-gezeiten; 2002, 7'
Eunjung Hwang [USA]: Monsters of Time; 2002; 2' 2''
Denis Connolly, Anne Cleary [France]: Scenes from the Boulevard;  2002; 5'
Royston Tan [Singapore]: Hock Hiap Leong; 2001; 8'
Paul Horn, Harald Hund [Austria]: Tomatoheads; 2002; 5'40''
Guillaume Graux [Belgium]: PDOA - Public Display of Affection; 2000; 24'

non-competitive program:
8 PM - 8:30 PM
Art Club of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
audio performance
Anna Liebzeit [Australia]

8PM - 8 45 PM
Screening Room of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
Opening Ceremony
saturday april 26th

competitive program:

7 PM - 11 PM
video installation
Staring  1999
Zoran Todorovic [SCG]

9 PM - 10:40 PM
Screening Room of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
VideoBeat pt.2
screening program

Paul Ritt [Nederland]: Earth Dance; 2003; 3' 19''
Andrea Arnold [UK]: Dog; 2001; 9' 47''
Marius Dybwad Brandrud [Sweden]: Hunt; 2002; 3' 44''
Denis Connolly, Anne Cleary [France]: Scenes from the Boulevard; 2002; 5'
Filip Haag [Switzerland]: Ink'N Go; 2002; 6'
Jung-Chul Hur [Korea]: A Beautiful Dream; 2002; 6'
Daniel Crooks [Australia]: Train No 1; 2002; 1' 40''
Reni Scholz [Germany]: Platzkonzert; 2001; 2' 30''
Persijn Broersen, Raymond Taudin Chabot [Nederland]: Danse Macabre; 2002; 3'
Antonin De Bemels [Belgium]: Idiot's Brew; 2002; 9'
Denis Connolly, Anne Cleary [France]: Scenes from the Boulevard; 2002; 5'
Tanja Marcetic [SCG]: Wanted 2002; 3'7''
Jochen Peters [Germany]: Visuelle Musik; 2002; 6'
Juanjo Fernandez Rivero [Spain]: Dropped Frames; 2002; 5'15''
Sylvain Robert [Canada]: Couch Protestor; 2001; 6'
Jowita Kepa [Canada]: Static Discharge [for Bleeding Eyes]; 2001; 2'
Denis Connolly, Anne Cleary [France]: Scenes from the Boulevard; 2002; 5'
Robert F. Arnold [USA]: Echolalia; 2003; 3'18''
Matthias Gotzelmann [Germany]: Life in the Square; 2002; 4'57''

11 PM - 1:30 AM
SHOCK Gallery
Adriana Sá [Portugal]
sound - light performance- installation event

live audio& video performance
Pascal Baltazar [France], Svetlana Blagojevic [SCG]

non-competitive program:

7 PM - 7:30 PM
Art Club of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
Presentation of Digital Cinema high definition
MagicBox Multimedia Novi Sad

8 PM - 9 PM
Art Club of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
new media festival presentation
moderation Sergei Teterin [Russia]
sunday april 27th
non-competitive program:

6 PM - 7 PM
Art Club of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
presentation of web project

Windows and Curtains
moderation Eleni Laperi [Albania]

7 PM - 8 PM
Screening Room of Cultural Centre of Novi Sad
Pines and Fur Trees - Women's memory of life in socialism; 2002; 58'
Sanja Ivekovic [Zagreb]

8 PM - 8:10 PM
Screening Room of Cultural Centre of Novi Sad
VideoMedeja Productions 2003
Fatamorgana/ Mirage 3:45 2003
Ksenija Kovacevic

Nove teritorije/ New Teritories  4:25 2003.
Zeljko Mandic, Ljubomir Vucinic

8:10 - 9 PM
Art Club of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
Conversation with Sanja Ivekovic

9 PM - 10:15 PM
Screening Room of Cultural Center of Novi Sad
Award Ceremony and screening of awarded works

9  - 10 PM
Caffe Club SCENA
presentation - workshop
CINETRIP [Budapest]

9 PM - 3 AM
Caffe Club SCENA

live acts:
Seelenluft [Switzerland]
Funkstorung [Germany]

VJ performances:
Sergei Teterin [Russia]
K - project [Canada]
Cinetrip [Budapest]

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