Dom Fotografie, POPRAD domfoto at domfoto.sk
Tue Apr 8 15:42:36 CEST 2003

Dear colleagues:
we are mailing the basic info about the Summer Photoschool festival in 
Slovakia / the basic information you may already find on our web-site 
We would be grateful for your attention and if you may, please, pass the 
information further.
The Summer Photoschool at Dom fotografie in Poprad, Slovakia is the major 
Eastern European photography interactive festival based on workshops, talks 
and final presentations. The Summer Photoschool 2003 is accompanied by 
exhibitions on ANOTHER LANDSCAPE topicased on works of Slovak photographers.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Poprad.

LUCIA BENICKÁ, Director / Curator
ANDREA PITKOVA, Assistant Director / Program Coordinator
Nám. sv.Egídia 3633/44, SK  058 01 Poprad
Tel. +421 52 7723 818 Tel./Fax/Answering Machine +421 52 788 7602
Mobil +421 905 288 717; 421 905 974 855
<http://www.domfoto.skdomfoto@domfoto.sk>domfoto at domfoto.<http://www.domfoto.skdomfoto@domfoto.sk>sk

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