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Call for Performance Video, Barcelona (Deadline September 30; source: Angel

Video Call
eBent 02 (International Performance Art Festival of Barcelona)
Deadline: September 30, 2002

eBent ‘02 (International Performance Art Festival of Barcelona)
Barcelona October 26 to November 10 2002.

"Club 8, difusio de la performance" is an independient collective of performers
organizing  "eBent ‘02", the second edition of a yearly performance art festival
in Barcelona.

eBent 02 opens a space for practice, debate and documentation and
research in performance.


We understand as video-performances all works in the performance field directly
conceived for video as a medium coming from a close relationship between
"performance" and the video language. All received videos, after curatorial
revision, will be screened at C.C.C.B. (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de
Barcelona) from October 26 to 29, 2002.


In this section is included all videos considered as a performance
documentation of any artist, or performance event. All selected videos will
become available for the festival audience to be screened at any time.

All received videos will be part of Club 8 video archive, and can be screened
during the festival, under public request, they also will be used for the
selection of the festival participants for the next edition in 2003.

Send videos to:
CLUB8, difusio de la performance
Apdo. Correos 22193.
08080 Barcelona

Please include:
Performance artist name and short bio
Performance name
Date and place (with the exeption of performances done for video)
VHS format preferred, any video system accepted(PAL, NTSC)
Contact Address
e-mail, web site, etc.

Deadline for VIDEOS 9/30/2002

Please contact CLUB8 at


Call for Proposals - Visualeyez, Edmonton (Deadline October 18; source: Latitude

The fourth annual VISUALEYEZ will occur 23 to 31 May 2003 and will be presented
in site specific locations throughout the city of Edmonton.

The curatorial theme is the misplacement of intimacy.

Is it safer to connect with our romantic selves in an internet chat room? Do we
live in a world where sympathy has been replaced with a more distanced empathy
and therefore collectively mourn dead celebrities that we have never met?  This
detachment creates a situation where we can instantly share the same emotional
moment as millions of other viewers but creates a type of formulaic

Artists will be selected based on how their work and/or practice
explores ideas that are relevant to the curatorial theme of the
misplacement of intimacy. Visualeyez 2003 will question if we have
misplaced our capacity for intimate relationships in a world where we would
rather interface with someone through voice mail, icq (instant messaging
services) and email than actual physical interactions where we touch real flesh?
Technology is often promoted to facilitate connection; however, it attempts to
provide this intimacy through an absence of real physicality.

The official deadline is 18 October 2002 (postmarked) and the proposal
should include:

= A detailed project description or description of your work
= Artist statement
= Curriculum vitae and biography
= Video or audio tape, slides (max. 10), or other documentation of
previous work
= Technical needs and other assistance required
= Return postage (if you want things back)

Send proposals to:
 Todd Janes, Curator
C/o Latitude 53 Society of Artists
10137 ? 104 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 0Z9

For more information, contact 780.423.5353 or visualeyez@latitude53.org


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