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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Deadline December 15, 2002

Issue 4: Net.Noise
The Curators of CTHEORY Multimedia, Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
& Timothy Murray, seek finished projects of electronic art ready
to be mounted on-line and archived in CTHEORY Multimedia,
published by the Cornell University Library's Electronic
Publishing Program.

To view CTHEORY Multimedia, please visit:

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
Timothy Murray
CTHEORY Multimedia Co-Curators

The Center for Experiments in Art, Information, and Technology 
(CEAIT) at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is holding its 
6th annual festival of electronic music.
We are accepting proposals for presentation at this year's festival,
January 10-12, 2003.

      CEAIT Festival 2003 - January 10-12 (Fri-Sun)

                - Call for Submissions -


We accept pieces that are max. 15 minutes long.

Pieces for:  live electronics, instrumental performers with tape or
computer, tape alone, video tape, or computer alone; audio and web
installations will also be considered provided that the artist or group be
responsible for set up and maintenance of their piece. There is a preference
for live work over tape/CD  only pieces, although tape/CD only pieces will
also be programmed.

A composer or group may submit up to two works. We accept submissions
on Compact Disc, VHS, CD-Rom, or DVD.

For pieces involving  performers, the composer needs to provide the
performers and make necessary arrangements for the performance.

For pieces with image, we will have a projector with VHS, DVD, or CD-Rom
playback available.  All video Submissions  should be in NTSC format.

Please provide a representative  version of what will be performed live.

Please include with each submission:

    -  bios
    -  program notes
    -  composer's or group's contact information including email
    -  a list of technical requirements

Please note: The festival does not provide financial support for any travel
or production expenses. Any submitted materials cannot be returned unless an
SASE is included in the submission.

All submissions should be postmarked by Monday, December 2nd, 2002,
and sent to the following address:

California Institute of the Arts
CEAIT Festival 2003
School of Music
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

Deadlines: December 15, 2002; June 1, 2003; November 1, 2003
Artists and Writers
Caldera, Cascade Mountain Range of Oregon 

Caldera Announces Residency Opportunity 

for Artists and Writers 

Applications must be postmarked or hand delivered to Caldera by the following deadlines 
December 15, 2002 - Residencies February 15through June 15 
June 1, 2003 - Residencies September 15through February 1st 
November 1, 2003 - Residencies February 15through June 1 
Application fee $15.00 
For more information and an application form, please see our web site http://www.calderaarts.org 
or contact Miriam Feuerle, Director of Adult Programs Caldera
224 NW 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
For more information about residencies throughout the world see their website at http://www.artistcommunities.org 

        immedia 2003   >>>>>

        [ [..] ]              [ [..] ]

	submissions now being accepted
                     deadline december 1


     SEE    http://entity.ummu.umich.edu/immedia/
     EMAIL  immedia@entity.ummu.umich.edu


Due to the speed of todayís new media, the dematerialization of contents, as well as the monitoring of bodies and places, there is no distance, only proximity.
Nudity, transparency, the quest for intimacy, the ultimate fading of the observed, there is no proximity, only distance.

The domain: multimedia artworks and theoretical texts.

Selected contributions will be featured in a dedicated section of 

A CD-Rom will be published, accompanied by a booklet.

>> Deadline for proposals:  1st December 2002
>> Deadline for work submittal:  June 2003
>> Release of CD-Rom and booklet:  Early 2004

++ E-mail outline proposals to: edito@e-critures.org

++ Artworks and texts submissions are to be e-mailed to: edito@e-critures.org as attachments. 

++ For files larger than 1MB, please contact us at: edito@e-critures.org

The Digital Showcase - Call For Submissions
Deadline:  15 November 2002

London's Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) invites submissions for a new
monthly series of screenings provisionally entitled "The Digital Showcase".
The series aims to provide a platform for artists to present new works
produced using digital tools.

Selected works will be showcased at the ICA Cinema on the 23rd of November,
 within ICA's annual festival 'whatdoyouwanttodowithit?'. The screening will
be punctuated by artist presentations and discussions with the audience.
Works should not exceed 10 minutes and must be sent on one of the following
formats: VHS, SVHS, miniDV (pal), Beta, BetaSP.

Education department
12, Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AH

further information: linar@ica.org.uk

Vertical Video: Call for Video Works
Deadline: Postmark December 20, 2002
Contact: Annmarie Lanesey, lanesa@rpi.edu

Video artists  -   Vertical Video is seeking video art
submissions for upcoming shows in the video gallery
located in the stairwells of Rensselaer Polytechnic
Instituteís Folsom Library, Troy, NY.  Show themes are
selected based on the work submitted.  Artists are
invited to submit works of any subject and genre,
preference will be given to non-traditional,
experimental work. No Commercial works are accepted.
The running time may not exceed 10 minutes.  Artists
should include an artist statement, brief description
of the work, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Send submissions on VHS to: 
Vertical Video
Arts Department
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180-3590
Attn: Annmarie Lanesey



A short film competition being held at JAMIES ESPRESSO BAR

Student entries: $1000 (AUSTRALIAN) Ist Prize; Open entries: $1000 (AUSTRALIAN) Ist Prize

Films under 10mins (made in the last 2 years).  Mini DV or VHS.  Free entry.

Submissions must be recieved by Jamie at JAMIES ESPRESSO BAR by Friday the 15th of November.  By hand or mail at: 49 James Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006, AUSTRALIA.

The winning films will then be screened in the carpark space at JAMIES ESPRESSO BAR on Friday the 6th of December at 8pm.

If you have any further quieries, please contact Jamie Bellas on Telephone: 61 (0) 7 3257 1010 or by Fax 61 (0) 7 3852 2855

Hearing Place Exhibition: Call for Works
PROPOSALS DUE: 1st December
DATES: 12th-30th March 2003
VENUE: Yarra Sculpture Gallery, 117 Vere Street, Abbotsford

Curators: Ros Bandt and Iain Mott of the Australian Sound Design Project in association with the AFAE. See <http://www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au/>

INFO: Ros Bandt 
EMAIL: r.bandt@unimelb.edu.au
INFO: Iain Mott 
EMAIL: idmott@unimelb.edu.au
PH: 03 83449951
SNAIL MAIL: The Australian Sound Design Project, The Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne, 137 Barry Street, Carlton, 3053
Artmedia 2002: Call
The Multimedia Communication School of the Maimonides University invites the presentation of works for the 2002 Artmedia edition to be shown in its activities Program.

"Just Positive!" - Call for Entries
Deadline 20 November 2002.

It is already a tradition,
the month December on "A Virtual Memorial" is dedicated to the victims of
AIDS on occasion of 1st December - WORLD AIDS Day.

This year, A Virtual Memorial would like to feature several "HIV positive"
in an online show, entitled:
"Just Positive!"

Artists of any discipline who are HIV positive are invited to submit
information and images about their artistic work or friends of them: Please
submit information/images of your positive friends!

For submitting, please use this entry form:

*Artist Name
*First name
*Artistic descipline:
*Short biography (not more than 300 words,   plain email text or .doc)
*Short artistic statement
 (not more than 300 words, plain email text or .doc)

*Works/Images(.jpg/gif/mov/swf/dcr/mp3/URL)/year of origine

Please send your submission including all
media files at best zipped to

Memorial for the Victims of AIDS
The Memorial for the Victims of AIDS.

Please contribute!

Go to the start page of www.a-virtual-memorial.org
or directly to

Contribute a digital art work in form of an image, an animation or a text!

All serious submissions arriving until 30 November will be included on 1
December. Submissions after 1 December will be immediately included. 

   The Calls and Opps Email list is Edited by Michael Mandiberg